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Saturday, August 1st 2015, 6:24am

Bf3 Missile Locking Sounds - Your Opinion

So I did something potentially pointless yet fun to do for no reason last night, and the thing I did was re-create a couple of Bf3's missile locking procedure sound effects, using the in-game files that are actually single tiny little pings, clicks and alarms that are less than one second long and have no pitch correction.
Though the duration and pitch curve fluctuates depending on the in-game situation and has infinite different combinations of duration and curve, I think these two are pretty relatable to any normal lock-on sequence. What do you guys think?

Targeting with a Vehicle (except for CITV) - In-Vehicle Missile Locking
Targeting with a CITV or Stinger (as opposed to an Igla or Javelin) - Stinger Missile Locking

Raw files downloaded from: BF3 Audio extracted from files