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Friday, July 31st 2015, 11:39pm

Burst Fire Weapons - Which Ones Are 2RB

Hi guys, got more free time from work now so going to do a study that compares the AN-94 to all the other burst-fire weapons in the game. The idea is to set the weapon to Burst, fire, wait enough frames to recover SIPS, fire again, until dealing 100 damage. Fastest wins.

I feel that this is more representative than my arbitrary 13-frames cut-off that I was using in my various Big Lists. Nobody takes a PDW and shoots 7RB at someone 100m away, after all.

Unfortunately I pretty much don't have ANY weapons unlocked from using them, except for Carbines and DMRs. So, I can only go by Battlelog as to which weapons have Burst as a fire selector setting. Relying on Battlelog is dangerous, though, so I'm hoping you guys can cross-check my list here.

Also, can you guys point out which weapons use the new 2RB mode and also has a different RoF when in Burst? Especially the 2RB, I can't find the changelog anymore so I'm just going by memory.

  • AEK-971
  • M16A4
  • CZ-805 (2RB?)
  • AK-12 (750RPM)
  • AN-94 (1200RPM)
  • QBZ-95-1

  • SG553
  • AKU-12 (750RPM)
  • G36C (2RB)
  • M4
  • Type-95B-1

  • QBB-95-1
  • U-100 Mk5
  • RPK-12 (750RPM?)

  1. UMP-45 (2RB?)
  2. CZ-3A1
  3. JS2
  4. UMP-9 (2RB)