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  • "wexfordlad1" started this thread

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Tuesday, July 7th 2015, 4:52pm

What are all the effects of the .338 Magnum and AP Tracer attachments in Hardline?

.338 seems to have a whole host of changes involving recoil, damage, RPM, reload ect. I also don't know what AP does either.


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Tuesday, July 7th 2015, 8:22pm

.338 seems to have a whole host of changes involving recoil, damage, RPM, reload ect.

Magnum Ammo

  • 50% less MinSpread ADS and Hipfire
  • 400% more Vrecoil
  • Change ROF to ~35 RPM
  • Change damage model to

    Source code

        StartDamage 100.0
        EndDamage 50.0
        DamageFalloffStartDistance 50.0
        DamageFalloffEndDistance 125.0

    AP rounds are numerous and too bothersome to post here.

    They have a different material multiplier and for some of them, a weaker base damage model.
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Wednesday, July 8th 2015, 1:27am

AK_ShortRange_TracerRound = 24-14 from 28-14 (AKs-74u)

556x45mmNATO_Carbine_TracerRound = 24-18 from 25-18 (G36C & SG553)

556x45mmNATO_LongRange_TracerRound = 24-18 from 28-18 (M416, M16A3, ARM)

556x45mmNATO_R0933_TracerRound = 20-12 from 20-12 (Ro933)

556x45mmNATO_ShortRange_TracerRound = 24-15 25-15 (?)

556x45mmNATO_TracerRound = 24-15 from 25-15 (L85A2)

762x39mmWP_Semi_TracerRound = 45-35 (DMRs?)

762x39mm_AK_TracerRound = 36-24 from 36-24 (AKM)

762x51mmNATO_BattleRifle_TracerRound = 43-25 from 43-25 (BRs)

762x51mmNATO_Semi_TracerRound = 43-34 (uhh... other DMRs?)

basically: Standard damage Carbines and ARs become garbage when using the Tracer Round. The AKM is unchanged (hurrah), and the Ro933 is terrible as ever. Battle Rifles also have unchanged damage.

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Wednesday, July 8th 2015, 1:35am

Are there tracer rounds for the sniper rifles?

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