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: Jul 6th 2015

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Monday, July 6th 2015, 10:26pm

What could be causing the issues I have had with my verion of the game?

This may be in the wrong section of the fourms (feel free to move it if so) but I'm my never ending OCD quest to try to "fix" my game settings things ended up worse than ever so I need advice from someone else.

I've been playing battlefield with these issues since the beta but ever since the spring patch came out and they limited the drivers versions (so I can't use my old stable drivers anymore) these problems have escalated ten fold. I started playing 5v5 and people stopped me because even on recording, the state of my game seemed unplayable for 5v5 and even 8v8 to many people. I havn't heard anyone else having these problems but im in here in hope that someone else has.
(I came here because I realised these issues while talking to some Symthic members during a scrim match recently they seemed really helpful, mature and smart. I hope you stick to that in this post)

First. Every one of my deaths even against people with similar low pings like mine happen before I even see them pull up their gun and shoot. I hear the bullets dispite them being also slightly delayed but visually I only ever see the last bullet and then I'm lying on the ground watching him run and jump around while shooting. This can't be due to the glitch where your health is shown as full when it actually is low because it even happens as soon as I spawn in. This is also prominent in tanks when I shoot a enemy tank only to get my shell deflected my a APS system that was not activated on my screen untill after the shell hit.

Next Hit detection is fucked up for me. I have perfect examples of this where even in tanks I nail someone in the face with a tank shell or HMG or even any assault rifle/carbine and dispite seeing the tank shell exploding on the enemie's skin and seeing blood pour out of their body I still get little to no hitmarkers and damage given at all.

Finally in my hours and hours of playing BF4 something always felt "off" about my ADS senstivity, my hipfire felt fine but I couldn't aim very in my most used targeting mode, ADS. Anyway I found out that even with universal soldier aiming on and ads zoom off the game still zooms a little bit while looking down 1x sights. I found out that sensitivity is affected by FOV in ADS but it is not affected by it in hipfire. So I set my ADS FOV to 90 by setting my hipfire to 97(Hor). It looks abit wierd while running around but the main issue I can see occouring is that enemies will be smaller therefor harder to hit, I havn't used it for long but my aim still feels "off" It's perfect in cs:go but whenever I change from hipfire to ADS view I always miss my target should I stick with my attempted solution for a bit longer or do you have a better solution, like revert back to my old settings or just lower my FOV in all games and get used to it to see enemies at a larger scale.
I don't know if there's a better way to do this via changing the soldier zoom sensitivity or even if i'm just going crazy and the ADS is actually the same as hipfire. Is anyone else having trouble with this or able to help me figure this out?

The other thing with sensitivity is that I just can't seem to get my sensitivity in tanks to feel right, It's like they have built in mouse acceleration and a speed limit. I tried the mouse_sensitivity.com website but it just feels too slow when I move my mouse fast and too fast when I move my mouse slowly. (I'm a competetive tanker and as you can imagine aim is pretty important when your team needs you to shoot down squad helicopters)

Actually I'm gonna number these to make it easier to reply to
1: Instant visual deaths
2: Hit detection
3: Infantry sensitivity
4: Tank sensitivity

If you want any more information just reply with what you want and I'll post that information in for you (I can do text, image or video format). Any help for any of these issues will be greatly appreciated. and don't worry I'll start talking about gun statistics afterwards cause I know you guys love your numbers.

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Tuesday, July 7th 2015, 12:13am

The first two problems you described sound like they are network related. What's your ping usually at? Do you play over WiFi? Do you have a good router? Are there many other people using the same internet in your household? What is your up and down speeds?

The third problem isn't really a something unique to you (if the only problem you have with sensitivity is different hip and ADS sensitivity). If not then you should make sure that you are using raw mouse input, has mouse accelartion disabled (both via mouse software and windows) + you should also do the windows mouse acceleration fix . Also,f you post what mouse you have there are likely some members that can tell you if it is a problem or not.

Regarding ADS vs. hip sens: In BF ADS sensitivity differs from hip sensitivity by default and that is a deliberate thing (lower sens while ADS for more accurate shooting). The ration between hip and ADS sens can be tweaked using the "Soldier Zoom Sensitivity" slider, you should try playing around with that and see if you can find something that suits you. Another option is to play around with the "Uniform Soldier Aiming" settings, which allow you to tweak your sensitivity for specific sights and some other neat things. More information about UsA can be found here .

The fourth problem isn't unique to you either. Vehicle turrets apply negative acceleration the faster you move your mouse (I probably didn't phrase that 100 % correct, but what happens is that turret movement doesn't match mouse movement 1:1 if you move your mouse quickly, sort of a max-turnrate limit but not quite). Vehicle turn rates and sensitivities are being worked on in CTE right now so there are likely to be some changes there soon, hopefully in the summer patch. There isn't anything you can do there but to wait.

Personally I don't have a problem with the way turret movement work (maybe I don't use a high enough sensitivity to really suffer from it), to me the inconsistent sensitivities between driver and gunner seats are a far bigger problem.

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And reading Youtube comments still gives me Turbo Cancer.

It really is quite frustrating when Helen Keller sets up her LMG in the only doorway in/out of an area.

What kind of question is that? Since when is cheese ever a bad idea?

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Tuesday, July 7th 2015, 9:18am

dunno about 3. and 4. but 1. and 2. either sound like network problems or just common mistakes in detections that happen every now and then to everybody. Next time while you're playing open up console with the button left to "1" and command "NetworkPerfOverlay.drawGraph 1. If the lines drawn on the graph are very jittery (jumps up and down constantly) then there's something wonky going on in your network or server. Especially if you get "packet loss" to either way it can cause bad laggy moments.

2. is caused by the missmatch on client and server: Your client says it hit the target, but for whatever reason server disagrees -> you see the hit and blood and all, but no damage was recorded.
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