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  • "The Empire" started this thread

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: May 3rd 2015

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Sunday, May 3rd 2015, 2:17am

Will this run Battlefield well?

Hello, I am interested in this gaming laptop, and was wondering if it would run BF4 well if I purchased it and what my estimated experience would be using it to play recent titles.
Main concerns: Frame rate, GPU capability, Overall experience, Graphics capability (Low,Med,High etc.)

Link: ASUS ROG GL771JM-DH71 Intel i7 2.5GHz 12GB Memory 1TB HDD GTX860M 2GB 17.3-inch Full HD Gaming Laptop > (Asus GL771)

I'm not majorly concerned with graphics but I would prefer they be above current gen consoles.
Please let me know what you think!


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: Jun 28th 2012

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Sunday, May 3rd 2015, 6:58am

Enabled, bumped. Moved to Quick Q&A.

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Sunday, May 3rd 2015, 9:52am

If it doesn't I'll be darned
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Sunday, May 3rd 2015, 2:36pm

Judging by the benchmarks in this* review I think the laptop should be able to run BF4 pretty well.

* Asus GL771JM Notebook Review - Reviews
(Benchmarks are listed under "Gaming performance", a bit down the page)

The laptop they tested isn't exactly identical in specs: it's got 8 GB of RAM as opposed to the 12 of the one you posted, it's also got a small 128 GB SSD in addition to the 1 TB HD and 4 GB of dedicated memory for the GPU (compared to the 2 GB of the one you posted). I think it should be pretty equal in performance either way: the ram will only affect multitasking and even then 8 GB is good enough for standard use, the SSD will only affect loadtimes and if you want you can just buy one and install in the second drivebay if you want some of those godly SSD load-/boot times. The difference in gpu memory won't make much difference either, in the review it said that they have performed benchmarks on similar laptops with 2 GB 860's and they allegedly performed very similar in 3DMark.

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Sunday, May 3rd 2015, 8:50pm

I don't know fuck all about computers other than you seem to have the same sort of stuff my PC has (I7 CPU & NVidia card) but newer, and I can run the game more-or-less fine so I'd say yeah, go for it :)

Also: Welcome to the forums guy! :thumbsup:

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Monday, May 4th 2015, 3:43am

Google Asus G75vw-DS71 that is my current laptop runs BF4 fine, with my usual settings( all low or off, mesh maxed out) , about 40-60fps or more depending on the map.
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Hardline is a fun and sometimes silly Cops and Robbers sorta thing and I think that's great. Or it would be if it didn't suck.

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