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Monday, February 23rd 2015, 2:59pm

There are multiple setups to cater to your playstyle. There are 2 up close and personal setups for me. if i wanna go all-out, CoD style quad feed, i will do the most accurate setup. VFG, HB, and laser. (i call this setup the standard setup). there is also the up close and personal stealth route. just trade the HB for a suppressor. and then, there is the long range setup. HB, AFG. i dont run any accessories with the long range setup because they are nothing but a detriment. you dont need a laser to engage a tango at 60 m+ and the flashlight is just completely and utterly useless as of right now. both of those attachments give your position away. IMO, the other barrel attachments (muzzle brake and compensator) are completely irrelevant when it comes to using a burst rifle. they shouldn't be needed because it's a pretty accurate gun. and trust me, when you can get the burst pattern down to where you dont oversample it and you get the full 800 rpm in cqc, you're gonna love the M16/M4 its literally a bf3 M16A3 stuck in burst fire mode. so, to answer your question, here is an attachment recommendation: RDS (of choice) HB or flash hider (depending on your engagement distances) laser and VFG. you shouldn't use the AFG unless youre gonna sit back, relax, and pick people off at a distance. i talk a lot, but i hope i helped :D
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Monday, February 23rd 2015, 3:50pm


ERGO/HBAR is best setup for M4/M16, right?

Yep. M16 is decent with an Angled too but the M4 is best used with a Vertical/HB combo.

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Saturday, May 30th 2015, 7:31am

Bump for spring patch recommendation setups. What would you guys recommend now that all the attachments have been changed


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Monday, June 1st 2015, 2:29pm

I'm assuming no grip. The ROF is high and you can't just burst it slowly. HBar is of course superior.

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Monday, June 1st 2015, 3:16pm

I'm assuming no grip. The ROF is high and you can't just burst it slowly. HBar is of course superior.

No grip, no barrel: 3.11 bullets able to be recovered in 1 game logic loop frame.
No grip, HB: 3.36 bullets able to be recovered in 1 frame.
No grip, brick: 2.76 bullets.
No grip, comp: 2.39
Angled/ergo, no barrel: 2.05
Angled/ergo, HB: 2.22
Angled/ergo, brick: 1.82
Angled/ergo, comp: 1.58
Stubby, no barrel: 2.56
Stubby, HB: 2.77
Stubby, brick: 2.28
Stubby, comp: 1.97

Anything with 3+ bullet recovery can be rapid bursted without losing accuracy. Anything lower you have to wait 2 frames to recover fully from spread. So no grip + HB or no grip are the most accurate setups for rapid bursting. However, you shouldn't be bursting this fast in the first place unless 20m or less in a 1v1. So using angled/ergo + no barrel or HB is still very viable on the M16/M4.
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How to ice an A-91

Next, wanna try adding a guy that you KNOW is bad, and just testing to see that? Example: PP-2000 (god I so wanna love this gun, and yet...)

Example: PP-2000 (god I so wanna love this gun, and yet...)

PP-2000 added. Y'know, it's not that bad....

Yes, it comes in last so far, but that is mostly because I'm making it shoot at 100m ADS - Not Moving as one of the criteria. Even then, between 50-100m Not Moving, when you include Useability, it is only 1.37% worse than the MTAR-21. Within 50m then it even beats the A-91.

Have a look, vs. the A-91 Carbine:

Using it with Muzzle Brake and Compensator is a wash in terms of overall performance. Comp is SLIGHTLY more accurate, while MB is SLIGHTLY more easy to use. Their overall scores are basically tied, with MB just ahead. I guess either can be recommended.

But... You can't be counting for the fact that it takes 9 bullets to kill at "long" range... Don't you dare tell me my A-91 is worse than a 9 BTK 650 RPM mediocre PDW.

Also. Just go heavy barrel. The recoil is low enough.

Well, technically...

Comparing a PP2K with HB and an A-91 with comp and stubby (as you suggested in an earlier post), at 50m not moving, the A-91 is only better by 4 damage per hitrate. While at 75m and 100m, surprisingly the PP2K does better than the A-91 (I'm pretty damn surprised as well).

And 10m and 50m moving the PP2K also does more damage per hitrate than the A-91. At 25m the A-91 is only better by about half a bullet's damage as well.

In addition, the PP2K has a much larger mag size and substantially less recoil. And it looks hella awesome. So comparing the A-91 to a PDW is of some worth after all, as the PP2K is better (technically, not practically) than the A-91.

Mind blown.

I... I...

*cries in a corner*

Zer0Cod3x explained it very well. If you look at the raw numbers right here on Symthic Comparison, you can see how that happened:

A-91 vs PP-2000 | BF4 Weapon Comparison | Symthic

A-91's "23%" RPM advantage only afforded it 1 extra round.

Reload times are wash.

Velocities are wash.

V-Recoil are wash (and this is HBar on PP2k vs. A-91 without).

Hipfire and ADS - Moving are better on the PP2k, but it's a PDW and not the surprising part.

The surprising part is that, as equipped (and we see above that PP2k HBar has almost same V-Recoil as A-91 without HBar so why not?), the PDW performs better at 50 - 100m than a bloody Carbine. Why?

H-Recoil Spread, 0.525 vs. 0.45, advantage PP2k.

SIPS, 42% better on the PP2k.

And here is the most important part. ADS - Not Moving Spread, 0.35 vs. 0.2, 43% improvement.

Without HBar then of course the PP2k loses, which is why when I add all the attachments together for an Overall Ranking, it would slot below the A-91. Run HBar on it, though, then... I'm sorry

I... I...



In all seriousness, thank you both so much for giving me the numbers. I still don't want to accept them. You have led the horse to water. I still need to drink.