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Saturday, January 24th 2015, 12:37am

Can enabling Motion Blur help players with low FPS?

So this is what I know of Motion Blur. It is a streaking of images when the image itself is changed in a single frame. This is commonly used in Movies and Television. Most players probably won't use it because they don't like how the effect looks, or just plainly do not know what it does so they turn it off.

Here is the thing, movies and television shows commonly only use 23-24 FPS and in order to avoid a slideshow of a show, they use the Motion Blur effect to help smooth out the film. That being said, can the same be done in video games?


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Saturday, January 24th 2015, 12:45am

I am going to go with 99% no.
1. While you have a good point there, the difference is that in games motion blur is applied per frame and can change rapidly (depending on implementation) between frames, just making the visible 'jitter' worse
2. Post processing motion blur is often quite heavy, so if one is running low fps (say, <50fps) turning it on would just drop that with five fps (throwing a number here, but should be quite visible effect)
3. It may help with output to user but input part still stays bad, eg. turning is jittery and clumsy. Also motion blur could possibly add visible "delay" between input and frame update.
and finally 4. AFAIK motion blur in games is done with quick hacks vs. "real" motion blur, not giving us visually smooth image like it does with cinematic videos.
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Monday, January 26th 2015, 2:31am

It can make the frame rate appear to be more smooth, but it's just an optical illusion and won't actually help.