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Sunday, June 1st 2014, 6:57am

MAV and PLD! Spot, laze, destroy equipment and mines. That's the kind of sniper I want on my team.

Just kidding, I don't want snipers on my team. Except when they blow up all the enemy mines on Zavod. Or under the bridges on Hainan/Paracel
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: Feb 25th 2012

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Sunday, June 1st 2014, 11:36am

MAV and PLD! Spot, laze, destroy equipment and mines. That's the kind of sniper I want on my team.

Just kidding, I don't want snipers on my team. Except when they blow up all the enemy mines on Zavod. Or under the bridges on Hainan/Paracel

or maybe in rush while defending the m-com that you can't defend because you're dead and can't have a line of sight on the m-com quickly enough to be able defending it?
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on 13/05/2016
23rd M320FB user on pc(13/05/16)
rush mode score RANK:2794 TOP:2% OUT OF:215398
obliteration mode scoreRANK:994 TOP:1% OUT OF:159466
handgun medals RANK:2236 TOP:2% OUT OF:143874
longest headshot RANK:9512 TOP:4% OUT OF:257589
recon score RANK:10871 TOP:4% OUT OF:274899
general score per minute RANK:10016 TOP:4% OUT OF:294774

31/3/2012 4:58:

Headshot distance RANK:493* TOP:0%
Revives per assault minute RANK: 6019 TOP: 3%
Headshots / kill percentage RANK:25947 TOP:13%
MVP ribbons RANK:18824 TOP:11%

*= 6 if we not count the EOD BOT headshots





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Sunday, June 1st 2014, 12:27pm

Best sniper? Beacon.
Shooting targets far away? PLD.
Urban area? MAV for spotting.

If you're the kind that can actually see that the class is "Recon" and not "Sniper":
Spawn Bacon

Aka BF3 style recon. Pick a flag, beacon close by, get into burn and deploy TUGS.
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I find majority of the complaints I hear about this game somehow never appear in my games.

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Sunday, June 1st 2014, 3:22pm

I think the recon class has the most interesting gadgets in the game:

  • PLD: Can be useful for a sniper to quickly spot targets. Unfortunately, the range of the laser is quite short (300m) so it's pretty much useless against air vehicles which can quickly fly away. If you have an engineer buddy the PLD is very strong, but lasing targets when running with randoms is a pretty thankless task. The spotting ability is nice, but the MAV is superior for this purpose.
  • SOFLAM: This device has a longer range laser (400m I think), and is ideal for wide open maps where you can set it up with unobstructed sight lines (think Golmud or Silk Road).
  • T-UGS: Good for defending a specific objective that enemies are constantly trying to get, or for protecting your sniper nest. Ideal for smaller, indoors maps.
  • Motion sensors: Along with C4, this seems to be the bread and butter of the aggressive recon. Again, good for urban maps with lots of cramped space you can toss a ball into to avoid getting ambushed.
  • Claymore: Unlike the Support class you can only ever get 1 of these, so place it wisely. Can be fun on Domination maps, but I'd usually rather have something else.
  • C4: A staple on vehicle-heavy maps (except naval maps, where it won't be of much use). You can't really go wrong with this, as you usually have a chance to use it several times per round (provided you are aggressive enough), and it can turn the tide of a battle. Also, damn satisfying to use.
  • MAV: One of my personal favourites. Contrary what a previous poster said, I don't think using this mean you are "dedicating yourself to just reconaissance". Simply fly it up to look around, pick a safe spot to advance towards - rinse and repeat. If you think using a MAV means you must constantly be flying the thing around you are mistaken. You shouldn't be in the MAV more than 10 seconds at a time (enough time to spot everything around you for hundreds of meters), and you should be switching to it so often that it nevers gets a chance to reach the ground in between. However, its use on dense urban maps are limited: since it can't look straight down you often can't get a bead on enemies and once they're indoors it's even worse.Also, don't forget the MAVs ability to destroy all kinds of mines and equipment, and using it to knock snipers off their cranes. Definately one of the most powerful and versatile gadgets in the entire game.
  • SUAV: A worse MAV, in my opinion. The lasing is damn hard to use since you must constantly be circling around and unlike the MAV you can't switch between your soldier and this. However, it can be necessary in teaching remote snipers a humiliating lesson if they refuse to move. It's also good for tailgating enemy choppers and jets and annoying the hell out of them. Even worse on urban maps than the MAV, but that should go without saying.
  • Spawn beacon: This gadget can turn the tide of a battle easily, but requires a competent squad to utilize. If you're getting hammered or spawn raped by the enemy, equip this and try to place it beyond the front lines. If your squad consists only of vehicle whores and snipers, switch to a different squad until you find one that appreciates the beacon. Oh, and keep trying to find good places for the beacon. One of my favourite spots is in the containers with the doors that can be opened and closed (close the door to the enemy's side).
I usually run with a DMR, MAV and C4/Spawn beacon depending on whether I'm on my own and goofing around or trying to make a push against a particularly strong enemy team. On infantry or urban maps, I switch to TUGS/Motion sensors.

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: Feb 17th 2014

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Sunday, June 1st 2014, 3:42pm

Quoted from "HolyBalls111"

Marksman Loadout - obviously the primary weapon would be a DMR (unsuppressed) and the other gadget would be C4. This again is a Conquest Recon Loadout

Again, as a Marksman your goal is to put distance between you and your foe. A DMR can kill in close quarters, but they are still very much outmatched by Assault Rifles, PDWs, Shotguns, LMGs, even pistols. Adopt a ranged playstyle and leave the heavy lifting to your pals. Spotting is the greatest benefit you can supply as a Recon. Reconnaissance is the most overpowered facet of Battlefield as it enables your team to know where enemies are located. Knowing where the bad guys are is half the battle.

So PLD over Pokies?