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: Feb 19th 2014

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Saturday, May 17th 2014, 4:22am

I tried the AWS gor a while, but i find the Pecheneg to outperform it at everything past chainsaw slicing range. Dat 34 damage up close is absolutely wonderful with a muzzle brake + ergo...of course, things like the muzzle brake are a necessity for weekend console warriors like myself
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: Sep 4th 2013

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Saturday, May 17th 2014, 1:02pm

However, the HB+Ergo grip combo does have an interesting effect on the moving spreads; I'd be nice if anyone could help me here by referencing a past article.
Strafing Mag-fed
HB + E 0,339
HB 0,577
E 0,538
Naked 0,875

Moving ADS spread values

AWS may be hyped but it ain't trash, in fact on Locker it's borderline OP
it's like a medicore AR with carbine spread.....but dem 100 rounds yo
Moving ADS spread values

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With a compensator and angled grip I click people to death like I was playing diablo.
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: Dec 16th 2013

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Saturday, May 17th 2014, 1:38pm

I now use a PKP with a Coyote, laser sight, ergo grip, and heavy barrel, and i only ever 2 shot burst it unless its <10 meters or so, strafe, strafe alot. Play it extremely close quarters so the recoil isnt that bad, also if you tap fire it with 2 round bursts the recoil isnt that bad either.

I used to use a QBB-95-1 with a HB+Ergo but now that it has the higher movement speed it means that you arent as accurate while strafing as you used to be with that setup, sadly.

Then i used the AWS for half the time i ever used the QBB-95-1 for, getting over twice the kills that i had with the QBB, my former #1 gun, and now i actually really don't like the AWS that much. The new gun smell really did wear off i guess.

One requirement when using the PKP with this loadout and expecting to be assault tryhard levels of effective, you simply must have a point of aiming reference stuck to the middle of your screen because the visual recoil and sight movement on the PKP is absolutely ridiculous.

This setup is what makes the PKP one of my highest Kpm guns, 150% more kpm than most of my other gun stats. It just kills so fast at all ranges!

And yes, i know for long range accuracy id be better off with a compensator, but simply having a compensator and ergo just does not give any kind of reliable on the move accuracy, and the HB gives it the extra boost it needs. Long range isnt hampered too much with a HB as you only need to get 4 hitmarkers anyways ;) Prepatch DMR!

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Tuesday, May 20th 2014, 7:35am

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Aws question