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Tuesday, September 11th 2018, 6:05pm

Uniform Soldier Aiming Information/Muscle Memory

Was there an agreed upon "correct" set of data concerning USA settings between BF3, 4, 1, and V? I am seeing a lot of varying information regarding baseline(before personalized tweaking) settings on the web some saying baseline coefficient being best at 133 and some saying 177-8 is a better baseline depending on FoV and other information saying the 133 value is FoV independent and should be left alone. In addition to the USA and sensitivity setting for these games supposedly being different.

My Settings
Config file FOV for BF4 and BFV: 105/Hor+120 (Was 89/Hor+105 Until a few days ago)
FoV Scaling ADS: OFF (Was ON until about a month ago)
Soldier Mouse Sensitivity: 0.00
Mouse DPI: 1400
Hipfire 360: 22.49in (57.12cm)
Raw mouse Input: On
USA Coefficient: 133
Soldier Zoom Sensitivity:100 (was 137 until I started testing again yesterday)
Mouse: G700s(general purpose laser wireless)
Resolution: 1080p 60hz

My sensitivity has never really been the same for longer than a month or so because I would take breaks from fps games and come back with a completely different instinct on sensitivity(from 10-30in 360) and likely will use a different weapon so I have no muscle memory relatively compared to those I play against. They are mainly dedicated TDM/Dom AEK/Ace users playing the ESL meta to a T while im more of a jack of all trades with an emphasis on ranged over watch zoning in conquest/rush. Since I changed my sensitivity 1.5 months ago I have been playing limiting myself to the ESL meta as a training exercise in focus and precision RDS aim/tracking and using the QBZ-95-1 and Type-95B-1(1x sights) almost exclusively in all modes(including Dom scrims on lockers)

As it stands im getting reasonably good with the weapons even at close range and have an average accuracy of 19.75%(good round is 22-25%) and a HS/K% of 28.38%(good round 30-60%) with the QBZ. The weapon fits my headhunter inclinations from always having used precision weapons for years in most every FPS I played. I would at least use the L85 in scrims to not be at such a large raw dps disadvantage CQB, but its banned so I compensate as best I can with the hipfire edge. The M416/Ace(HBAR+Angled) both throw off my headshot aim at distance because of their FSM and the AUG is only 50rpm faster than the QBZ but has much higher HRec values. Close to my ideal weapon for TDM/DOM ranges while ignoring the ESL meta hatemail has been Saiga 12K w/ Slugs as its as close to a bf3 dmr you can get damage wise under 30m.

Im trying to actually establish some singular muscle memory that attempts to unify Hipfire, RDS, 3.4x, and 8x, and also transfers to different games well while maintaining a focus on headshot viability with precision weapons. The information available is making it difficult to determine what would be the optimal tweaks to allow sensitivity to be consistent moving forward since I noticed having to adjust my aim a fair bit while playing the BFV beta even with the same settings from BF4 using irons, Aperture. and Medium scopes on the Gewehr 43 and ZH-29. In bf4 with ASD scaling off my 1x sensitivity drops to about 50% of hipfire now while with it on it was around 90%. In the BFV beta the ADS is even lower by 15-20% on average, while I can get my hipfire sensitivity to be the same as bf4. In other games like Borderlands the best I could do what get my hipfire 360 distance close to what I was using in bf4 at the time and adjust as necessary.

Im not trying to be a counterstrike pro or anything but I just like to improve in the things I take interest in and refrain from making things too easy for myself. You can tell when I start trolling by how my skill stat is all over the place and plummets randomly so looking at my K/D or skill in isolation is kinda useless so don't bother because I generally start trolling heavily when I hit div1 then work my way back up.

Constructive input would be appreciated greatly. Thanks. :thumbup:

SotenTsukuyomi - BF4 Player stats
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