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: Dec 12th 2017

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Wednesday, December 27th 2017, 5:13pm

1st shot multiplier of LMG

For example, MG15 Low Weight has -0.1 SIPS and -6 1st shot multiplier. also 0.18 ADS minspread.
That mean the spread of 1st ADSing shot is 0.18, than the 2nd is 0.78 and decrease per shot?
Then why max spread even exist? suppression?

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Wednesday, December 27th 2017, 7:14pm

See LMG Spread Analysis - TT Edition for my analysis of spread per bullet and per second.

The way you have it written is exactly how it works. You can reach max spread by firing 1 bullet, stopping, and then firing a 2nd bullet before the spread resets:

B1: 0.18 (Min spread)
B2: 0.78 (1st shot mult.)
Reset to 0.48 (1 30 Hz frame or 0.033 ms at a spread decrease of 8.925/s)
B3: 0.48
B4: 1.08
Reset to 0.78
B5: 0.78
B6: 1.38
Reset to 1.08
B7: 1.08
B8: 1.5 (now you are at max spread)

This mechanic prevents LMG tap firing.

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