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Friday, June 16th 2017, 3:39pm

LMGs: storm vs telescopic

SO I've recently started switching out my Huot for the Benet again, and I'm really torn over whether to use the Storm or the Telescopic. I quite like the Benet's irons and find the storm accurate enough, but I miss my Huot bipod for those laserbeam headshots against enemies in cover. I do fine with the telescopic too, but my main question is:

How does the reduction in horizontal recoil of storm variants compare with the improved standing spread and spread increase of telescopics. I suck at math, but I am aware that horizontal recoil directly affects accuracy and can't be compensated for no matter how gud I git. I love the bipod of the telescopic but I prefer the irons on the storm and it "feels" like aim assist becomes a bit erratic with scoped LMGs. If I can compensate well enough for the vertical recoil, is it worth using the storm variants at all?

Apologies if this has been covered in some old thread I've forgotten about :P

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Friday, June 16th 2017, 4:01pm

The Storm variant is quicker to ADS, plus it probably has the clearest irons you could wish for. I find all 3 variants to be quite equal with no real standout option. Since there is no Low Weight variant, I suppose the Huot still fills that niche.

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Friday, June 16th 2017, 7:42pm

Here are the expected 10RB damage output, SPREAD ONLY, 125m ADS Not Moving, B-M Storm vs. Telescopic, off-hand (tripod NOT deployed):

92.59801132 vs. 106.6596602

So, Telescopic gives you 15% more damage... but you get 20% more H-Recoil, which will cause more misses.

My takes:

Hipfire - Storm > Optical > Telescopic
ADS Moving - Optical > Storm > Telescopic
ADS Not Moving - if can deploy tripod, then of course Telescopic... if not, Storm > Optical > Telescopic (note: the latter 2 differences are TINY... only due to Optical actually having slightly better H-Recoil, which is surprising to me, but that's what the Symthic stats say)

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Friday, June 16th 2017, 8:39pm

Everyone knows that the BAR is the best LMG period.