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Tuesday, March 28th 2017, 5:50pm

Against infantry, do K Bullets use the weapons damage stats or their own custom ones?

Also, what happens in regards to damage model when you use K Bullets with the Springfield Experimental?


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: Feb 15th 2017

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Tuesday, March 28th 2017, 6:45pm

In my experience, K Bullets take on the damage model vs. infy of their host rifle. Same applies to the 1903 Experimental whose K Bullets take on the 100-150 meter sweet spot damage of the normal rifle AFAIK. I've shot people at range with K Bullets with a variety of the rifles and have gotten one-shot bodyshots at the appropriate ranges so I can only assume the damage model is the same.


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Tuesday, March 28th 2017, 7:49pm

K bullets have their own damage model
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Wednesday, March 29th 2017, 12:46am

I have two hits of exactly 80 damage at rather different ranges, so I guess they indeed have their own model.