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  • "Dreamscape" started this thread

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: Mar 22nd 2016

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Tuesday, March 22nd 2016, 4:59pm

Questions about attachments.

Hello everyone,

I am somewhat new to the game, but the attachments are very confusing because they come with penalties.

After watching this video from what I understood on weapons with a high rate of fire like the Famas or AEK, I should use Stubby/Compensator or Heavy Barrel/Compensator and on PDW I should always go with a Heavy Barrel. Is the video right?

While the video is very informative, for me as a new player, it's quite overwhelming, as I am not capable of understanding some terms or what they do.

I am generally looking for hints on what to use on the following situations/weapons:

(What attachments should I am for?)

1) High damage weapon, slow rate of fire(ex SCAR-H), looking to tap fire at medium to long range.

2) PDWs, close range, always on the move, aggressive play, always pushing.

3) Close to medium fights, high rate of fire weapons, spray most of the time.

4) LMGs, medium to long range fights, Tapping/Small Bursts.

5) LMGs, close to medium fights(ex M249), Spary/On the move.

6) DMRs, I really don't know what to use on them.

7) M16A4/M4, medium to long range.

I am generally looking for an easy answer. If you would go into detail with me, prob would not be able to understand anyway :D .


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Thursday, March 24th 2016, 6:40pm

1.) Comp + Stubby ... I am very comfortable with tap firing the SCAR-H with this setup. IMHO no AFG needed. But for long range I suggest a DMR any way.
2.) depends on the RPM. <800 = HB+Stubby; >=800 = Comp + Stubby (recommended, ergo still viable); >= 900 = Comp+Stubby mandatory
3.) look at 2). High RPM = Comp+Stubby
4.) depends on the RPM. Look at 2). Although LMGs benefit a lot from stubby grip, even the slow RPM ones.
5.) Just dont try to hipfire this thing! But hey up close you might as well use ergo grip and walk sideways.
6.) HB + AFG or Muzzle Break + Ergo Grip. SKS/QBU are best. (SKS could need a Heavy Barrel though)
7.) Oh god, Burst Fire only. Hmm, either you look at 2) or you run Suppressor + Ergo and try to stay unseen for as long as possible. If you _really_ play them as medium to long range then you can use the DMR Loadout too.

Apart from that. Dafuq are your "medium" and "long" ranges ? I would use a DMR at those distances, but hey your choice.
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