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Tuesday, April 28th 2015, 8:55pm

Ah yes, and the FAL keeps its 840 m/s muzzle velocity.

Not at all OP. Nope. Also, not at all the best anti-air gun in the game. Nope.

It's not like anybody plays enforcer anyway....or that Helicopters are relevant.

They are admittedly not super effective, but if teamwork is used then they can do a moderate amount of damage.

And it's STILL the best anti-vehicle primary, with a high damage, bearable recoil, insane muzzle velocity, high DPS, and fast reload.

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Tuesday, April 28th 2015, 9:19pm

No changes to the M16/416

I like Thad. But what the fuck.

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Wednesday, April 29th 2015, 12:22am

I feel like they are just buffing and nerfing blindly, with no goal in mind other than to make weapons weaker or powerful.

Prior to the release of BFH i thought they had a plan. i thought they understood how to make each gun unique in its own right. but no, for some reason they threw everything in the trash by blindly buffing and nerfing things for the sake of "balance".

I mean, seriously, why not swap back the BR rates of fire back to the closed alpha Levelcap showed. You know, the HK51 having 600 ROF and the SA58 having 500 ROF, which given their previous recoil, velocity and SIPS state, IS SOMETHING THEY CHANGED WITHOUT CHANGING ANYTHING ELSE. To anyone wondering why the SA58 is so OP, i can give you the answer: It is tuned to 500 ROF but fires at 650 ROF, and for the inverted reason the HK51 is complete bollocks. or the HCAR? Making this gun unique by giving it 49-33 damage along with high velocity and more vehicle damage with a high recoil as a tradeoff? Naah, lets just make it another dull low-recoil rifle. Or the RO933. this gun is literally making newcomers free kills because it fires BB gun bullets .

The K10 is another such example. BL clearly shows that it is supposed to have the worst accuracy stats. reality? one of the best accuracy out of the fast firing SMG's. they should have just nuked the accuracy from space and leave the damage untouched (well, tune down drop off ranges to 9mm levels, 15-30m was insane).

and to the guy above me: Thad thinks Vrec is a balance mechanism and not a mastery deterrent. so he lets AR's keep their insane damage model instead of just lowering them to 24 max permanently grounding them to mid-range engagement while making them the bitch of carbine users at close range, and carbine users are in turn the bitch of PDW users at barrelstuffing range. thats how you do balance, Thad

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Wednesday, April 29th 2015, 12:27am

HCAR still has 0.3 SIPS. Have fun not hitting with the slowest automatic RoF in the game. At least the stupid v-recoil was halved.

That's funny, The World Champion's HCAR has a sips of 0.15. with a rof of 450 spread isn't your biggest problem, it's mechanics with body armor.

The World Champion is still gimping himself with that, as the SCAR-H comes with 0.15 spread increase per shot by default, along with a much higher RoF and the ability to halve that SIPS twice to 0.0375. Granted, the new recoil model if the HCAR is now an advantage over the SCAR, but it's mostly offset by the rate of fire and SIPS.
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Wednesday, April 29th 2015, 1:56am



rip 2015-2015

your life was short, but your impact was great

Also: K10. Genius changes. Should have just made the SIPS reasonable (.207 deg/shot) and SDEC reasonable (2.444 deg/sec) lol

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"Marbleduck you don't know shit lol levelcap knows more than you do you cant talk about how someone puts up garbage when you do yourself your a newcomer to YouTube acting like you know shit step up in the food chain first then you have the right to talk otherwise your just a fish trying to compete with sharks"

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Wednesday, April 29th 2015, 5:06am

V recoil is a balancing factor. If it is done correctly. That means there should be no attachments that decrease V recoil significantly. As it is now, you can run an M416 with compensator and stubby, have low v recoil and SIPS, and your h recoil is still decent because v recoil is used as an excuse for hilariously low h recoil.

Edit: You could even have the 0.6 v recoil mod on the comp, but it woul need a 2.0 h recoil mod to be balanced.
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Wednesday, April 29th 2015, 5:10am

...THIS is what took almost 6 weeks? :|

Holy shit. It addresses maybe one-third of the issues with the game.


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Wednesday, April 29th 2015, 8:45am

Site database has been updated and added accuracy plot pages.
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Wednesday, April 29th 2015, 9:32am

...THIS is what took almost 6 weeks? :|

Holy shit. It addresses maybe one-third of the issues with the game.

I didnt bought the game... 2nd beta was a lot of fun, but I had the glimpse that sth important is missing. The hilarious weapon balance kinda just accelerated the games death. If the weapons would have been balanced and unique right from the beginning, then the loss of players wont be that drastic.

I am not sure if I should laugh or cry for the devs. I doubt that Hardline Premium has sold enough to finance its production. EA will definitely shut down the studio as soon as the DLCs are released. They dont like to incur losses.
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Wednesday, April 29th 2015, 9:41am

Well, considering how long certification seems to take, it was more like they had 3 weeks for changes. Still, not a great yield for 3 weeks. Player numbers are already below BF4 across all platforms.
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Teamwork is where players function by themselves, but their effectiveness is multiplied when they work together. Not a checklist of "did we bring a healer so we can start playing?"