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Thursday, June 18th 2015, 3:33pm

I have given up all hope on Visceral ever fixing the balance

I was hopeful for BFH. heck, even hyped.

And now, there is a dark void in me where the hope once was.

Visceral simply CANNOT balance weaponry. They don't have a clue about what they are doing, they adress a problem before assessing it, and they don't even know what they want themselves. The backwards way the new BR's were delivered is bad enough (Oh, the faction that has a FAL which is now the fastest firing BR in the entire game? you know what, we are going to give it another FAL which will in turn become the fastest firing BR in the entire game. What you say? it would fit better with the cops balance wise and variation wise? Shuddup, you don't know what is balanced or varation). But these patch notes....

Oh, these patch notes. I am currently livid. I am boiling with rage at their incompetence. So lets review them shall we:

Weapon Tuning
Car556 more recoil over all.

Did this gun ever needed a nerf?

ACR more recoil over all.

Good, 'bout time your rectified the fact that it was left with its alpha recoil while getting 50 flat extra rate of fire

Stakeout bullet increased range.
Spas bullet increased range.

Okay, the heck do you want, visceral? Decent shotguns or short range ones so the kiddies don't cry. make up your mind.

ARM to NATO LR bullet.

Good. I am missing the bloody L85 in this. how that ended up below the ARM in the priority list is a mistery to me

Carbines bullet end damage buffed to 18.


Okay, fuck right off.

This here. this here is irrefutable proof that we are dealing with amateurs here. this single statement just demolished medium range balance. So, carbines did what they were supposed to do, but AR's did what they were supposed to do but also beated carbines at what they were supposed to do due to that ridiculous 28 max damage. This created a dent in the range-weapontype hierarchy win which carbines suddenly had no place. AR's are mid range guns, but they absolutely stomped on short range.

So, what did visceral do to adress this:

Increasing Vrec, making them worse at their intended role, not influencing the <25m range in which the problem existed.

Increasing Hrec, making them worse at their intended role, not influencing the 25m range in which the problem existed.

Why? because they are too scared of all the tryhards crying their eyes out when the true change the AR's needed happens: Lower the recoil back to decent standards and lowering the maximum damage to 24, while keeping drop-off ranges, making them almost assured to get rekt when fighting against carbine users, while turning them into the mid-range, hyper consistent beasts they are supposed to be. so then we have a hierarchy that goes shotgun-5m-PDW-15m-carbine-30m-AR-60m-DMR-100m and past that bolt actions, with the BR's being jack-of-all, master of none on account of great TTK's across the board but a lot of spread and recoil.


What kind of backwards logic is this? Its like its opposite day.

Now excuse me, i am off to confirm my hypothesis that the AKS is now above god-tier.

.338 Magnum rounds increased damage vs armored insert and OHK range.

Again, what do they want these things to do exactly?

M/45 and Uzi new bullet 9x19mm heavy increases damage fall off and end damage.

Good enough, though i doubt it will be enough with the Uzi spread and M45 recoil.

M16, M416, and MPX horizontal recoil increase.

Refer to my previous rant as to why this was a horrible idea.

K10 lowered start of bullet drop off distance to 5m.

Well, that was PART of addressing the problem. not that it changes much after the max damage nerf. This thing needed this change to start with and a accuracy nerf of unprecedented proportions. they had to turn this thing into what is basically a shotgun but different, but instead, it is still one of the most accurate SMG's in the game. With massively decreased accuracy (to the point where hipfiring is almost equally effective, and the spread makes even 3 shot bursts bloom like hell) it would have never needed the end damage nerf because you were lucky if you could hit something past 25m. But no, buffing and nerfing blindly without assessing the real issue.

MPX lowered start of bullet drop off distance to 10m and end damage to 12.

Soo....its basically a big-magged MP5K at this point?

The end damage was correct, but the drop of distance should have been much faster from the start. You know, getting both balance and weapon character instead of killing off either.

Slug increased range and effectiveness vs Armored insert.

Ah, i see they are going the DICE route of just making the armor less usefull vs everything in existance ever instead of just fixing the bloody armor.

M1911 increased damage within 10M.

Sounds good, more info needed.

AWM and R700 start of damage fall off increased to 30M.

.....So.......the method of balancing the knock-out is making the other snipers also have a massive 1-hit range?


L85 Less recoil and more base accuracy.


Thus ends my rant.

Visceral is physically incapable of doing balance. It is done by amateurs who have no idea what they are doing and just buff and nerf blindly untill it "feels" balanced. Don't believe me? Go back to levelcaps video where he showed off all the hardline weapons, and take a look at the rate of fire, with special emphasis on the BR's.

You guys still know the release recoil, spread and bullet speed?

SA, 500 RPM > 650 RPM. Used to be the slowest BR aside from the HCAR, which once wore the label "heavy hitter". Had, as consequence, the lowest recoil, almost best spread and insane bullet velocity. what did they change alongside the rate of fire? well, they just kept everything which is why the release SA was the most stabile BR in the entire game.

HK, 600 RPM> 500 RPM. Yep, thats what the recoil was for

HCAR, lost heavy hitter status. nuff said and screw weapon character.

RO933, 900 ROF > 800 in beta. remember the recoil on this thing? oh yeah, thats why.

AKS, 600 ROF > 735. Know how it is so stabile and has like 0.04 spread increase? Yea, kinda because of that.

It is truly sad, and i have abandoned all hope of recovery. let it fester, let it rot, and frankly, never put the visceral guys on balance duty ever again.


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Thursday, June 18th 2015, 5:06pm

Constructive critisim > offensive content to my eyes, so locking this under rule 3. (Be polite/civil). There are good points to discuss about but next time cut out the ranting and whining, no matter how livid you are.
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