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: Jun 30th 2013

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Friday, June 13th 2014, 2:53am

I can't wait to play as the TF2 Spy in a "Battlefield" game.

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: Nov 5th 2013

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Friday, June 13th 2014, 6:57am

It looks much more like a source engine game... TF2 comes to mind
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Friday, June 13th 2014, 5:58pm

It's a Beta. Betas have Beta characteristics because their Betas. Oh and it's a Beta; did I forget to mention that? ^^

Beta is beta is something you hear a lot.

But frankly issues like these should be fixed in the alpha.
IMO a beta is where you fine tune the balance and sort out the bugs; it is not a stage in the development line where you can make sweeping changes and change artwork and stuff.

It's been one of the major issues in game production in the last decade or so, games are pushed into beta super quickly practically skipping the alpha completely and things like these (and the various core issues we've seen in BF4 as well) won't get fixed because it's too late.

The way the author worded the first message had me thinking he was referring to attributes like resolution, sharpness, clarity, etc. Now it has been established, they were speaking of the artwork which I have no issues with frankly. It coincides with the game's motif: a fictional universe where the Police Force has been provided military grade equipment and have been granted authority to use nothing but lethal force. The style somewhat proclaims this theory through the visuals and animations.

Ye I probably shouldn't have quoted anyone, since my reply was more a "general" statement. "Beta is beta" is a statement you hear all the time, and people thing that a developer might still make big impact changes at this point when they most likely won't.
Will they try to improve stability in beta? Yes. Will they fix the issue your grenade falls through the floor? Yes. Will they change character models or swap about weapons? unlikely.

In the beta you're generally past the point of doing major changes to models and animations (unless there are major issues or major complaints).


That said; I quite enjoy the gameplay, since it breaks away from the semi-realistic setting you see in BF4; in favor of a more arcade like (as many have referenced TF2-ish) setting.
However there is NO WAY I will fork over 60-70 euros for what quite frankly could have been a BF4 expansion.

Maybe later on in the discount bin, or when they show they clearly managed to make a full fledged worthy game (which I can only really judge after release) with plenty of maps, game modes and most important of all, proper Quality Assurance (which so far in the beta has not been proven yet, as I've seen bugs that were dominant back in BF4 beta testing or shortly thereafter.