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Sunday, June 21st 2015, 11:27pm

I see no Veritable's pics in the topic. Just no-entry sign((
I think what's happening is that Veritable directly links the graphs from his Google Sheets spreadsheet, and when he clears the book that the graph is on the graph on this forum goes with it.
Edit: I can access the ones in the OP just fine, but the one for the Groza-4 has No Entry on it.
Da heyll is goin' on here?
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Sunday, June 21st 2015, 11:48pm

Da heyll is goin' on here?

I changed the criteria for Useability so often, that the graphs need to be updated.

All OP entries are good, but all the others in-between are out-dated so I killed them.

If you want the current Groza-4 chart then go to the Engineer post I made.

The pictures are hosted on Google Picasa and the album should be viewable to anyone with link. They are HTTPS though so the secure connection used to cause some problems for myself. Seems fine in Chrome now though but let me know if they are no-good even the OP, and I will remove all the "S" in the hyperlink. Then it should work for everyone.