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Sunday, May 4th 2014, 5:54am


The short answer to Visual Recoil is that the sights are shifting independent of the aimpoint.

Recoil decrease should only happen after you finish firing. I don't see any difference between the U-100 and other guns in that respect.
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Sunday, May 4th 2014, 7:20am

i was doing quick bursts, with the same cadence I did with the sar21+heavy barrel, and the u100 wasn't handling it as well. The recoil decrease of the mg4 and m249 is 33% lower than normal assault rifles and the rpk12, so there is a precedent for slower recoil decrease on certain lmg's. Definitely could be that visual recoil thing too.

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Sunday, May 4th 2014, 8:42am

is the value of horizontal recoil stated on this site accurate? I'm coming from a sar21 + heavy barrel, and the horizontal recoil on the u100 is definitely affecting me more, though they should be the same, right?

Should be. You might just be feeling the Visual Recoil. Just did a magdump right now and it pulled straight up.
Yea, I never really understood what visual recoil was. Also, perhaps it doesn't have the 18 recoil decrease that is stated, that could also cause what I felt. I'm gonna stick with the rpk12 for the time being. It's a real shame though, as I found the muzzle velocity a pretty huge perk, so on paper, it would be a better match for me.

You could try using iron sights or a 3.4x/4x scope because the visual recoil is less on them than RDS/holo