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Sunday, March 16th 2014, 3:16pm

To conclude the topic:

Integrated grips are not respected by the weapon stats on symthic
Attachment handling is a bitch in BF4 because funny interactions anyway
AWS is not beast
SR-2 is not beast
Stop hyping weapons
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Sunday, March 16th 2014, 4:04pm

Glad that it does get a vert grip modifier instead of the AFG modifier, move-spread is much more useful on the MP7 than FSM reduction.

Tell the truth, I think the modifier on the PDWs should follow the literal form.

CBJ, MP7, and SR2 get vert grip.
JS2 and PP-2000 get stubby.
PDR and P90 get AFG.

Back more on topic, the SR2 is pretty good. It's a monster up close, not like it beats the VAL or CZ, though.

Not sure exactly what the slight increase in damage brings to the table, just like the P90's 1% bonus to max damage, but 26 max at 900 RPM is hard to argue with.

Copy/Pasted from the prelim weapon stats thread.

recoil: 0.29 vertical, 0.45<->0.45 horizontal, 20 recovery, 2.3xFSM
spread: standard PDW spread, 0.091 increase
damage: 26-12.1, 10-60 dropoff
ROF: 900
bullet velocity: 310/180
reload: 2.6/3.5
30+1 magazine

Spread and recoil exactly matches the CBJ, making it average. Unique damage and dropoff (+1% max, slightly longer max damage range, slightly longer min damage range), shit velocity (worst of the PDWs considering the VAL has a suppressor already), slowest reload of the PDWs, average magazine.

Seems pretty balanced. Plenty of other PDWs beat it both up close and at range, high DPS in exchange for a slow reload, low velocity, and small mag. Seems like it's a hybrid between the PP-2000 and VAL.

It felt good when I was using it, but I wouldn't take it over some other choices.
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Saturday, April 5th 2014, 10:54pm

i just started giving this pdw some play time. I unlocked it when naval strike came out but have been working on some other assignments so havent played much with it yet. I seem to run out of the mag very fast when going full bore, is this ment to be more of a tap fire pdw? I think I prefer it over the mp7 that i love but not sure if i do it oer the as val or the cz...yet.