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Tuesday, March 4th 2014, 2:12pm

^ FSM only applies to vertical recoil.
Basically the title. Now obviously some DMR's have really bad horizontal recoil and some don't. Even with awful horizontal recoil, on a DMR, is there really any point? I mean, wouldn't you be better off with a muzzle break to decrease the amount of time you have to wait for the recoil to settle?

The only reason not to use either is because there are much better attachments out there. While the comp/muzzle brake aren't particularly bad, they compete with the heavy barrel, which is probably the better option for accuracy.
The heavy barrel is good for accuracy sure, but the heavy barrel basically increases your TTK on dmr's, because you have to wait longer for the recoil to settle before taking another shot. Compensating for recoil on single shot weapons is almost impossible to do while still staying accurate at long ranges when its really high (which a heavy barrel would make it become on some DMR's). What the muzzle break does is it lowers the recoil, so there is less that the Recoil Decrease mechanic has to settle, meaning your gun is settled sooner and you can squeeze off another shot, much faster than with a heavy barrel, and remaining perfectly accurate as well. If you played hardcore, where a headshot at long range is a one shot kill, maybe a heavy barrel would be more useful then, to do more of a long range sniper role, but for most ~250 meter engagements, 0.5 spread is good enough to land your shots 99% of the time.

What i'm really asking though, is, are there any weapons where putting a compensator on your gun would make the recoil settle faster than putting on a muzzle break would?
Well with a bipod all of DMRs, but you would have to be slightly more careful not to chain you shots.

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Wednesday, March 5th 2014, 12:45am

going to ask in the main thread about the FSM thing just to be sure, but i am really pretty sure that it's only the vertical recoil on the first shot that is affected. again, burst fire guns should be MUCH more accurate if that isn't true.

also, if you have not seen tehmoriz's post on suppression it might really change the optimality of compensator for DMRs in particular; under suppression, you could conceivably have as bad as a 1.34 degree horizontal recoil on say an SVD-12 without the suppressor vs. something like .9 degrees with one.