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: Nov 22nd 2013

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Thursday, November 28th 2013, 4:42pm

LMGs vs ARs

I've been really thinking about this, especially since my 2 best weapons are M249 (9 service stars) and AEK (5 s-stars). In exactly what situation is an LMG > AR? Or vice-versa?

Now with these two weapons, people might immediately say "AEK=CQC, M249=mid-long" but I'm asking for a somewhat more general answer. There's the ACE 23 which is good at almost all ranges, and then LMGs can be used for CQC to a certain extent as well (90% of M249 kills have come with a Compensator+Laser Sight+Stubby Grip).

Share your thoughts.

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Thursday, November 28th 2013, 4:58pm

The answer is quite simple

Holding down lanes? m249>>>>>aek. Can't argue with a 200-round wall of lead that keeps going for half a minute

Run 'n gunning? aek >>> m249. If you compare the m249 to, let's say, an ace23 then the m249 will win -up to a certain distance-, but then the ace23 will take over due to accuracy.

Comparing to a magfed lmg? You might have an accuracy-advantage over Ar's with certain lmg's (like the rpk). But in general AR's > magfed lmg's. The real good comparison would be an lmg vs carbine, as the magfed lmg's generally have less firepower, but higher mindmg.

But, tl;dr: m249 for defending RAATTATATATATATATTATATATAA, or close-range RAATTATATATATATATTATATATAA. Ar's for the rest
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I assume a functional game (BF4) also.

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Thursday, November 28th 2013, 5:20pm

The 200 rnd lmg's can also shine when flanking/ back-raging. Not needing to stop to reload is super helpful anytime you wan't to kill more then 2. Support isn't my favorite kit but I love the MG4.

Some of my favorite applications: flanking on the out of bounds boarder in the snow on operation locker, bi-poding up for long range destruction of squads hiding behind ridges on rouge transmission, supporting my squad with deadly accurate fire, as they assault the next flag, from the the previous flag on Paracel Storm, or really anytime you want to overwhelm the opposition with a stream of non-stop death and suppression.

The bi-pod is a must imo. I like the heavy barrel with it, although the suppressor or flash hider can work when stealth is a consideration. Deploying it can be problematic, especially in areas where it's difficult to avoid foliage blocking your view, but I have pretty good luck with quick deploys even when I'm playing aggressively.


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Friday, November 29th 2013, 12:00am

The M249 is a total beast, in a lot of situations it'll be able to outgun *some* ARs, but some ARs still outclass it with accuracy.

For small maps, M249, for larger maps where you don't plan on defending, ARs.

MG4 is also pretty much the same deal.

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Friday, November 29th 2013, 12:21am

One often overlooked advantage of the LMGs is the generally low FSM, which makes it a lot easier to burst them at range.

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Sunday, December 1st 2013, 12:15am

In my opinion MG4 (M249) are better than any AR in Bf4 at the moment.
200 rounds just makes the advantage + suppresion.
When bursting you can just be as accurate as most of ARs.
Multikills (5-6 kills in a few seconds) is just great fun :P

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: Nov 28th 2013

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Sunday, December 1st 2013, 7:01am

If you can post up with a bipod, the LMGs are excellent at clearing areas, even at longer distances. I've been runnin and gunnin with the Pecheneg and love it. The key is burst firing. If you could equip a medkit I'm not sure I'd go back to assaults.

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Sunday, December 1st 2013, 7:08am

When you absolutely, positively have to wipe out every mother fucker in the room or on the map, go with a belt-fed LMG. When you want to be a tryhard that will almost always win a 1 vs. 1 firefight, use an AR. ;)

Protip: M249 + Flashlight + Bipod + Suppressor = absolute face rape.

Seriously. Just leave the light off at long ranges, and leave it on while in enclosed areas. Use the bipod at longer ranges with the light obviously off. It's kinda a pain to worry about, but very beneficial in many situations. Besides, what else would you use for that slot? A laser? Stupid. A magnifier? Too slow and situational. Go with the light. Nobody takes it seriously, but it works wonders if used right!

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