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Wednesday, February 8th 2017, 11:10pm

Interesting, didnt expect BF4 to rise up again. I am still playing, even got back to PS3 (wont pay again for PS Plus on PS4, screw that)

According to Battlelog:
#1 Groza-1 1117 <3
#2 UMP-9 1013 (havent played for almost 2 years with it though)
#3 AUG A3 913 (formerly liked the style and sound, now I cant stand it, so much about Patriotism)
#4 AKU-12 756 (how did this got up there?)
#5 AS VAL 714 (now we're talking, like it, but the range issues)

I am still working on the Mastery's for the Sniper Rifles - I freaking hate them. They are decent in Hardcore, but i cant stand hardcore, so....

From an initial love for the Groza, I start to dislike it because its shortcomings in longer distances are starting to hurt. If I could like the aesthetics of the SG553 more and it wouldnt be such a boring weapon, I would have that as my go to, simply because its almost too good and my initial fetish for High damage, but precision demand has severly decreased.

The SG553 is very effective but really boring. Nothing special about it other than being so fucking versatile and effective.

There are just a few interesting because unique weapons in BF4, but is there a "Skill Cannon" too?
still playin' Motorstorm

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Wednesday, February 8th 2017, 11:37pm

People please. The last post before the blatant necro was October 24th...that's goddamned almost 4 months ago. I don't know how the Mods have not locked this yet...
To Aim Assist or not to Aim Assist, that is the question.
For 'skill cannons,' that is.

Nope, Aim Assist or bust.

Prepare your laughbox

the Sebstalder is quiet good since it can 3hit kill at any distanc ,but In my opinion i actually thikn the sweeper is better, its got a really really fast firerate that can beat alll those Noobmaticos, Helregall adn shitguns in close quarters , and its also really accurate out to like l;ong range,. overall great allround gun, jsut my 2$ tho




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Wednesday, February 8th 2017, 11:39pm

I don't know how the Mods have not locked this yet...

Because I was in class.

Locked for Rule 11. This thread served little purpose even when it was new.

11. Do not deliberately derail or Necro threads.
We appreciate that conversations drift from the Original Topic occasionally (often for the better), but deliberate derailment (particularly pyramiding) and Necromancy is prohibited. In general a thread over 2-3 months old is considered dead unless a discussion continues after the Necro, in which case it is OK. If in doubt, ask a member of staff!