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Friday, September 16th 2016, 2:46am

The complete TTK formula for "n" bullets needed to kill is (measured from first shot, beside TimeToADS) and ADS is:

TTK = Time to arrive 1st bullet + (n-1). (60 / ROF)

The only term that suppressor changes is the first one, which is dependent on the bullet speed.

For FAMAS, 5 bullets to kill and 20 m of distance the TTK would be

Unsuppressed (20/630) + 4. (60/1000) = 0.272 sec

Suppresed (20/360) + 4. (60/1000) = 0.292 sec

Difference = 0.020 sec

That is in the range of one frame. In game will be very little perceptible.

For Hipfiring and suppresed the TTK will increase probabilistically due to slower bullet speed and more bullets needed to kill (on average) due to the increase of spread. In a deterministic way (5 bullets on target) is the same difference.
Can you explain or rewrite the formula please did the math and came up with 242ms.




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Friday, September 16th 2016, 4:47am

Well, the suppressor itself doesn't affect TTK, but it does have an opportunity cost. Running it means you can't use the compensator or heavy barrel which, while they also don't affect raw TTK, do have an effect on effective TTK due to different hit rates.
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Friday, September 16th 2016, 11:44am

Can you explain or rewrite the formula please did the math and came up with 242ms.

I have edited the post to correct values. I used 390 instead 360 m/sec. My fault. But the difference is 0,024 sec, that is 24 msec (and not 242). The concept is the same.

The formula explained:

TTK = Time to arrive 1st bullet + (n-1). (60 / ROF)

Starting at the time you pull the trigger, the first bullet takes to hit = DISTANCE / bullet speed.

If you need "n" bullets to kill, the following bullets (n-1) leave the gun with a spacing of 60 / ROF sec (ROF are rounds per minute = 60 seconds)).

After the first hit, the second hit will be at 60 / ROF sec later.

And the last hit to produce DAMAGE> 100, will be at (n-1) * (60 / ROF) sec more.

The total time is the one that provides the formula. OK?

Labby point of view is very suitable, because I've done the calculation Naked Weapon vs Suppresed Weapon, but it is usual to use the suppressor INSTEAD of another attachement and this gives a different probabilistic TTK (It could be greater or smaller depending on the distance).

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