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  • "Skanic" started this thread

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Tuesday, April 19th 2016, 10:48pm

AK-12/AKU-12 Burst mode whats the most effective loadout?

So far i have been playing ak 12 with hbar+stubby but i was wondering which loadout might be the most effective.

In this post by Zer0Cod3x M16a4 attachment recommendations?

I'm assuming no grip. The ROF is high and you can't just burst it slowly. HBar is of course superior.

No grip, no barrel: 3.11 bullets able to be recovered in 1 game logic loop frame.
No grip, HB: 3.36 bullets able to be recovered in 1 frame.
No grip, brick: 2.76 bullets.
No grip, comp: 2.39
Angled/ergo, no barrel: 2.05
Angled/ergo, HB: 2.22
Angled/ergo, brick: 1.82
Angled/ergo, comp: 1.58
Stubby, no barrel: 2.56
Stubby, HB: 2.77
Stubby, brick: 2.28
Stubby, comp: 1.97

Anything with 3+ bullet recovery can be rapid bursted without losing accuracy. Anything lower you have to wait 2 frames to recover fully from spread. So no grip + HB or no grip are the most accurate setups for rapid bursting. However, you shouldn't be bursting this fast in the first place unless 20m or less in a 1v1. So using angled/ergo + no barrel or HB is still very viable on the M16/M4.

I was also wondering about this does heavy barrel only on AK-12 in burst have the same kind of bullets able to be Recovered in 1 frame?

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Tuesday, April 19th 2016, 11:36pm

The Biggest "Burst" List

AK-12 charts are #4 and AKU-12 charts are #21.

30Hz servers: Wait 1 frame (1/30) after 3RB for ALL attachment combos UNLESS you run Comp + AFG or Ergo. If you run those 2 combinations (why!?!?!?!?) then wait 2 frames (2/30).

40Hz servers: The following attachment combos recover after 1 frame (1/40) after 3RB.
  • HBar + anything
  • Comp + NoGrip
  • MB + Stubby or NoGrip
  • NoBar / Supp + Stubby or NoGrip

Which leaves all others (Comp + any grip, MB and NoBar with AFG or Ergo) having to wait 2 frames (2/40) after 3RB.

60Hz servers: HBar + NoGrip recovers in 1 frame (1/60). Then, all other combinations recover in 2 frames (2/60) EXCEPT same as the 30Hz environment, if you run Comp + AFG or Ergo (again, please don't do that).


30Hz - 225RPM (for everyone) or 200RPM (for Comp + AFG or Ergo only)
40Hz - 240RPM for the attachment combos listed above or ~218RPM for those having to wait 2 frames
60Hz - 240RPM for HBar + NoGrip, 225RPM for the rest, finally ~211RPM for Comp + AFG or Ergo


Back from the Grave


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Tuesday, September 6th 2016, 3:51am

My personal preference is to use aku 12 in full auto. As for attachments try the muzzlebrake and stubby grip. Works great.




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Tuesday, September 6th 2016, 5:15am

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