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Monday, October 28th 2013, 8:00pm

Battlefield 4 Bugs

*This list will be updated following all major game updates.*
Latest Update: 6-3-2014; Up to Page: 110

-Master List of Bugs-


Spoiler Spoiler

-Helicopter freelook is still broken and is bound to Left Trigger on controllers, and may get stuck on.
-Players will take damage when the TV missile they control is shot at. The player inside of the TV missile can die from this.
-"Kit Roulette" bug still exists, on the deployment screen you will cycle through kits without being able to stop it, and then the game will crash. (Returning Beta Bug) X


Spoiler Spoiler

-The game does not respond to rebinding some of the controls. (Kit switching, bipod, gadgets)
-Gadget 1 can be bound to another key but number 3 will still switch to it as well.
-Scout Heli predictive sights are still broken as they were in the beta and do not match up properly to where they should go.
-If you ADS while getting into a helicopter the hud will display similarly to a sniper scope. X
-Air vehicles explode easily when landing.
-Players spread values may increase to (and stay at) max values for no apparent reason (possibly by sprinting, jumping, or being suppressed). Firing a shot from the gun resets it to normal spread.
-Teamkilling notifications do not show up in the killfeed.
-Heat seeker missiles may "jam" when attempting to fire the second missile after the target has flared. The missile only becomes usable once the first missile has reloaded. Cause found here .
-Levolution events greatly impact FPS until the event is past and the map has settled into its new form.
-If someone spawns into your boat while you are in a TV missile, that person will be in the drivers seat, and you get stuck in the POV of the missile launcher, the only way to escape is by respawning.
-The russian side mountains on Operation Locker can be scaled almost all the way to the top, allowing people to spawn camp without being hit.
-Laser Locked weapons seem to detonate behind fast moving aircraft and do no damage.
-The BTR-90 and ZBD-09 both use the Kornet launcher file for their TOW missile, making them have a 5 second faster regen rate, upsetting armor vs armor fights in their favor.
-Players can get to upper layers of the walls surrounding C flag on Operation Locker conquest by using spawn beacons, making the flag very hard to clear.
-Bullpup rifles both lose their ADS strafe speed advantage, and have misaligned sights when an optic is attached to the gun, the laser sight shows the correct point of aim.
-Ghost reloads still occur with all weapons from time to time. (Reload and get no new rounds in the magazine, returns from Battlefield 3).
-The TV missile on the Frogfoot seems to be aimed up in the air, making the missile nearly impossible to aim on target.
- Friendly teammate markers still do not show up in hardcore, increasing the likelihood of being teamkilled or teamkilling another friendly player.
-Draw distances of terrain on surround-sized resolutions is incredibly short and often times leads to not seeing player placed equipment until it is too late. X
-The Mortar crosshair does not show where the mortar will actually land, even at its minimum spread value. X
-The Deathcam will show a player other than the one who killed you if more than one person damaged you.


Spoiler Spoiler

-Some debris and rubble, along with most cover, are larger than they appear, creating invisible walls. This is especially noticeable on Dawnbreaker.
-At the end of a round you will lose control of your air vehicle and crash into the ground, recording a death on the result screen that you shouldn't get. (Returning Beta Bug)
-When flying the F35 with a joystick, throttling down will disable pitch and roll controls.
-Crosshairs on sniper rifles may blur out, this affects hit detection. (apparently)
-When joining a Squad Deathmatch squad as the 5th player in the squad you are unable to use squad functions such as squad spawning.
-Active Protection Systems will not deactivate once stopping a TOW, but will when stopping RPG's, tank shells, M320's, etc.
-The Extra Ammo perk from the Perimeter Defense perk tree sometimes will not grant the player the extra ammo it should when the player spawns.
-The M34 Incendiary grenade damage bypasses most forms of cover, including walls.
-Some Levolution event buildings are impossible to traverse and will get the player stuck.
-The HMG reticle on the T90a is misaligned towards the bottom crosshair.
-Ribbon xp is never awarded to the player, even though each counts for 200 points, they only count towards medals, this ends up being significant xp loss.
-The BTR-90 weapon sights are misaligned: X
-When using Slug rounds on magazine fed shotguns, the reload animation is no longer a 3 part process (Mag remove, insert, and charge) X
-The SU-50 gives no warning of being shot by enemy MAA (sound, shake, color gradient)
-The RCB attack craft missile pod has a lower launch point than where the camera shows, causing guided missiles to hit the ground instead of targets, you can also TV missile yourself in the back of the cockpit. X
-The G36C suffers similar strafing misalignment that bullpup weapons do.
-In Air Superiority mode players can be ejected from their aircraft, which allows them to engage aircraft as infantry. X
-Some Attack Jets have air radar depending on game mode and map.
-The Handflare grenade does not function as it should in game. The source code for the handflare implies that it should be a lockable item in the game.
-Some players appear in a different location than where they actually are when dead, even with the revive icon above them, this is due to the player model showing up in a different location than where the player actually died. Making it impossible to revive the player.
-AT mines and SLAMS have very short HD render distances and switch to their low-poly texture models in very short distance are easily covered up by thermal vision.
-Explosive canisters can be detonated and will despawn, but the fire from them will not despawn, even if the fire is gone. This explains some of the "netcode" kills behind cover, AND explains random hitmarkers.
-When spawning directly into a vehicle, the squad perk system does not apply its effects.
-When using a mortar a player cannot resupply grenades until the mortar is unequipped. This is because of the resupply priority used by ammo boxes, which puts gadgets ahead of grenades.
-SLAMS and possibly other explosives can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle in some instances. X
-Deploying the last SLAM mine in your inventory while swimming will cause the player to automatically throw a grenade. X
-When deploying countermeasures in helicopters and tanks (Except for the Transport helicopter) for the first time on a server there will be a delay before they deploy. X
-Players can randomly be put into a free fall while on the back of dirtbikes. X
-The most recent patch on Xbox 360 may cause settings for Battlefield 4 to reset every time the game is played.
-A player may experience a visual bug that makes their screen shake vertically until death.
-There are still holes in some collision masks of walls in Operation Metro, possibly allowing players to get onto the Metro roof again.
-Players may be able to shoot through the collapsed tower on Operation Locker, this seems to work with all ammo types except Buckshot and Frags.
-Firing then immediately switching to another weapon will cause the weapon deployed to lose accuracy when firing. X
-The XM-25 will not lock onto certain surfaces that would appear it can lock on to. Many of the walls in Operation Metro will not allow XM-25 locks.

Minor(38 )

Spoiler Spoiler

-Player bodies will commonly launch across the map when they die, similarly to what they did in Battlefield 3, making them impossible to revive.
-Hydra rockets show no reticle in jets.
-Binding reload to a mouse button will allow you to reload but not pick up kits or gadgets.
-Vaulting objects can sometimes fling you forward or into the air. (Returning from BF3, aka being "DICE'd")
-The AMR-2 reloads similarly to the XM-25 where you always lose a round in the chamber.
-IFV's hitting water will lose all momentum and then regain speed. (Battlefield 3 bug that applied to all IFV's except the BTR, now the BTR is affected too)
-The Q-5 Fantan has its HUD set behind the model of the aircraft, and all others have it set into the cockpit, making the Fantan HUD much easier to see.
-The SKS and M39 EMR have the ability to let the player hold their breath while aiming down sights, even with iron sights.
-If you jump and begin sprinting you can hold your pistol forward while running, allowing you to blind enemies with it while sprinting.
-The Range Finder from battle pickup sniper rifles will appear on the players normal sniper rifle when the battle pickup is dropped.
-The IRNV/FLIR scopes may show up as normal 2x scopes sometimes, this can be fixed by swiping the knife, switching to a pistol, or most other actions.
-Being killed then revived when looking down the sight of the XM-25 will make your entire screen appear with the IRNV color gradient. (Returning Beta Bug)
-When marked as HVT in obliteration, the game tells you that you are carrying the bomb
-Multiple ladders on Flood Zone is impossible to reach the top of (minor because there are multiple ways to reach those roofs): X
-Commander-Spawned vehicles will float above the map on Operation Locker
-The stairs leading to the helipad outside on Operation Locker have a small invisible wall on them that must be jumped over to continue climbing the stairs.
-When flying in the tunnel below C/D on Zavod 311, scout helicopters may explode or clip into the map when touching the ceiling. (Only Labby could do this..)
-The Toggle Accessory UI does not show up on the L85.
-Spawning on a crouched teammate and deploying the EOD bot too quickly will leave the player unable to move.
-In rare cases the shutters on Siege of Shanghai may be closed but still appear open, this allows you to shoot through them but not run through them.
-Grenades may pass through the floor or walls when thrown, especially in Operation Locker.
-The RPK-74M, L96A1, M60E4, and Scout Elite shoot higher than their aimpoint when using the kobra sight.
-The ACE23 standard suppressor that is supposed to be unlocked at 160 kills does not unlock for most if not all players.
-Jets can stick to gunships and roadkill players who bail out of them (this is both concerning and hilarious): X & from personal experience: X
-The GOL Sniper Magnum does not initially have any scopes, and all of them must be unlocked through kills. The only high power magnification scope available is the 40x. (Xbox One & Xbox 360(?))
-The Scout Elite and CS-LR4 do not indicate if their scopes are zoomed on console when using the variable zoom attachment.
-Sometimes when pressing the ADS button the players view will zoom in but they will not actually ADS. X
-There is a large pause between getting out a weapon and then switching to an underslung grenade launcher. X
-V-sync does not work in borderless windowed mode while using AMD Mantle.
-The AK-12 family of rifles all have slightly misaligned sights, all of them shoot slightly above the aim point.
-The option to hide Battlelog In-Game no longer works and will always show up or will not show up at all.
-The movement of the players character may hang up and not move until you stop pressing all keys.
-Sometimes when picking up a kit the player may automatically throw a grenade.
-Some of the glass in Operation Metro on the sliding doors is bullet proof.
-Stealth Jets cannot take off properly from Second Assault maps. They bounce off the ground at the end of the runway and vault into the air, this does not cause damage however.
-Enemies may occasionally appear with revive icons over them, while allies do not have revive icons in your peripheral vision.
-The M320 3GL when equipped to the underbarrel of a gun raises the rifle above your head and obscures your sight, when aiming the display is normal. X
-Players may seem to be parachuting while on the ground, possibly caused by parachuting into a vehicle. X


Spoiler Spoiler

-The color and opacity of the jet HUD is very hard to see against brighter backgrounds.
-The Magnifier attachment will sometimes mix up the zoom levels on your sight, giving the un-magnified sight the 2x zoom level. (Returning Beta Bug)
-Firing TV missiles may make the screen shake and jitter, this usually smooths out during the flight of the missile
-The guided shell on MBT's shares the same crosshair as the main shell
-Javelins do not make a sound once the second missile is fired if the first has not yet hit the target (audio bug but no other category for it)
-If you spawn on someone riding a quad bike, you exit, then they switch seats, they become invisible to you X
-Parts of guns may randomly disappear when in the water: X
-Some guns may continue to appear as if they are firing if you die and are then revived while holding the trigger. Confirmed so far: P90, M249, G18. X
-Random movement bugs still occur rarely in game: X
-The AEK-971 magazine has changed color to a dark purple for no apparent reason, and does not reflect the gun realistically.
-Commanders may have audio bugs and hear end of round music in the next game they play.
-Voice cues may not be audible to the player receiving the request.
-The 870 MCS shotgun will show an 8th shell being reloaded into the gun even though it only holds 7 rounds.
-Custom emblems may not display properly or at all on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.
-On Lancang Dam, looking through the overturned truck near the dam will cause the game to de-render the terrain. X
-Some shotguns show their under barrel attachment clipped into the gun model, not below it.
-Reloading will continue during any other action. (Vaulting, entering vehicles, climbing ladders, etc) (Returning BF3 bug.)
-The MTAR-21 does not show weapon paints properly, instead they are shown faded through the regular weapon color.
-In the test range weapons do not properly render and will not show up when in the customization window.
-Spotting when crouched or prone will alter the pointing animation used, making the player arm bend backwards and towards the ground. X
-When below 34% health, if you jump into a vehicle and regenerate health, your color gradient does not return to normal until you exit the vehicle, are damaged again, and then heal back up on foot. X
-Certain weapon paints may become distorted on guns, making them look like a flat color.
-Iron Sights on the GOL Magnum zoom in to an unusable level.
-Adaptive camos on Second Assault maps do not seem to be matched to the correct colors.
-The charging handle on the CZ-805 slides into the locked position even when doing a tactical reload.
-Xbox 360 is experiencing severe texture rendering issues.


Spoiler Spoiler

-The refresh button on the server browser does nothing on Firefox.
-Some Campaign dogtags may still be unavailable for use after unlocking them.
-Battlelog leaderboards do not display a players stats properly, and will show them as 0 or the two numbers will not agree.
-The QBS-09 and DBV-12 will not retain the weapon paint set to it through battlelog
-Battlescreen does not work in Hardcore servers
-Server queues will often fail to load and result in an error message reading "Unable to join server" (Relogging into Battlelog solves this 100% of the time)
-The battlelog Com Center will not display the proper server friends are playing on
-Tracked unlocks will reset at random and put in place an item you have already unlocked.
-All DLC assignments will appear as not being completed in game even after the assignment has been awarded to the player.
-Various weapon mastery dogtags are missing.
-Some kills may not be shown in battlelog for certain vehicles or gadgets, but these are usually still recorded in game. (UCAV, Mortar, Gunship, Bomber)
-C4 Kills are only counted from the Recon kit.
-Jet cannons do not count towards accuracy, leaving you with 0% accuracy every round if you do not hit with missiles or any other weapon.

-Battlelog In-game

-Assignments will not properly update in game when checking on them mid-round
-Assignments display as fully completed after being at least halfway done, even if they are not actually completed

DICE Official Patch Note Archive *:
*Some bugs that were "fixed" are proven to still exist, do not believe these patch notes.

Spoiler Spoiler

PC Client Patch Notes
-November 14, 2013: PC Game Update Nov 1 - Forums - Battlelog
/ Battlefield 4

-December 3, 2013: PC Game Update Dec 3 - Forums - Battlelog
/ Battlefield 4

-December 5, 2013:
-December 17, 2013:
-December 19, 2013:
-January 14, 2014:
-January 15, 2014:
-January 30, 2014:
-January 30, 2014:

Xbox 360 & PS3 Patch Notes

-November 21, 2013:
-December 5, 2013:
-December 5, 2013 #2:
-December 17, 2013:
-December 17, 2013 #2:
-January 14, 2014:
-January 16, 2014:
-January 30, 2014:
-January 31, 2014:

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Monday, October 28th 2013, 8:56pm

The sound cuts out quite a lot, either completely, or specific sound types such as environment noise, engine noise, warning beeps, etc disappears, while gunshots can still be heard. Plenty of others also complain about this in chat.

Also getting frequent crashes.


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Monday, October 28th 2013, 9:16pm

Pressing B opens console on 2nd keypress. Wtf is that? Probably a bug.

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Monday, October 28th 2013, 9:18pm


It was there in the Beta too. I thought they would've fixed it. I've been trying to bind my bipod to B.
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What I think about gun balance: If the gun goes pewpew, you have no reason to QQ.

so no, them being lazy isn't the only explanation. it is in fact the least likely explanation. from my experiences as an indie game dev, being lazy and being a game developer are two mutually exclusive states.

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Monday, October 28th 2013, 11:08pm

1.) Freezing occurs a lot. I'm on the 360 and I have the HD content, the update, and Disc 1 installed to my console's Hard drive. Load times have improved because of this and was hoping it would cut down freezing that I had on bf3 prior to installing the disc to my hdd but doesn't seem to be the case. Fortunately the freezing has happened mostly after rounds and stats have been saved.

2.) Also had this happen to me (i recorded this on my iphone in one hand and had the controller in the other FYI.... the little moving 'dot' is my character).

Description of the bug: seems like you can get stuck in a pre-round spectator cam view somehow. Not sure how to duplicate the bug but I couldn't do anything to get back to first person view until I died and the next round started.

Video: Weird BF4 xbox 360 glitch - YouTube

3.) Was sniping on dawnbreaker, can't remember where exactly I was, but there seems to be some invisible textures/walls close to certain objects. My shots were hitting the heads of the other team but no hit marker, blood, dmg, etc happened. They were able to see me and take me out though.

4.) Random 'Lost connections to the server' take place, probably won't be an issue in the long run... just adding it here as it can be annoying.

5.) Bodies sometime end up flying after death....and it was just a gun hitting the player and not an explosive weapon. More funny than anything. Not sure if it only appears this way to you and not everyone in the server or if it affects your actual body placement in game when it comes to getting Defibbed.

6.) On Hainan resort, the central building/resort that houses flag B in conquest has an elevator on the roof that can take you down to the second level of the building when you're inside. So far I have never been able to successfully take the elevator down. It lets me get in, press the button to go down, and then when the elevator stops and 'dings' to signal you reaching the level below the doors don't properly open and you can't get out. Luckily you can press the button again and take it back up to the roof and you can get out. I've only tried to use that elevator that 1 instance so far while playing that map, and during that instance i tried like 3 or 4 times to go down and even had a buddy of mine get in the elevator and press the button with and without me to see if he was getting the same glitch.

7.) Sniping Inconsistencies - Many many times when I've gone to snipe someone that just has their head sticking above the cover they are behind, instead of getting a successful OSK for the headshot It'll take 2 shots.... or what usually happens is that i get a 'assist counts as a kill' worth 95-99 points. Makes no sense what so ever. Also seems as though there's a bit of an inconsistency when it comes to getting headshots with a sniper and using a suppressor. There have been several times where a headshot on an enemy resulted in needing a 2nd shot to finish or ended up as another 'assist counts as a kill' with points ranging from 95-99.

8.) Chopper Landing Damage Inconsistent - As someone who mainly rides as the designated repairer in a scout chopper.... I do not have any clue as to how the game calculates how much damage your chopper gets when landing. When you expect a lot of damage for a hard landing and nothing happens compared to something that is obviously a soft landing but getting 20-30 points of vehicle damage on the same chopper just doesn't add up.

The transport chopper seems to just be a beast and doesn't get damaged for most types of landings so far.

AH is weaker than I expected when it comes to landing damage and also has similar inconsistent landing damage, or at least what I perceive as an inconsistency.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

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Tuesday, October 29th 2013, 3:48am

Gadget 1 is permanently bound to the 3 key. The game will ignore any other key bind for gadget 3. Rebinding 3 key to any other action will result in a double action, such as switch vehicle seat and go to gadget 3 at the same time.

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Tuesday, October 29th 2013, 6:01am

My singleplayer crashes just after I "almost get shot in the face" by Pac in the scene where he grabs you as you walk through the door only minute or two in.
Also, my sniper scope crosshairs are pretty fuzzy.. saw this happen once or twice in beta but i just scoped out and back in and it was fixed. Seems to happen to all my rifle scopes

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Tuesday, October 29th 2013, 7:28am

I had a few crashes already both in single and multiplayer, one froze my whole PC up.

B twice opens console, as was mentioned already. WTF DICE!!! X( Known since Beta, yet nothing...

Not a bug, but the campaign assignments have no description so you are kind of running blind there.

Spoiler Spoiler

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Tuesday, October 29th 2013, 8:22am

I have the latest drivers and I'm artifacting like crazy. Various textures flash iridescent shades of green, white, pink, purple, etc. Thankfu;ly I'm not epileptic. However, with all those flashing lights, I can't see any enemies until they're highlighted orange.

EDIT: I thot i installed the latest drivers, but I had only dl'd them. Silly me
"Life is cheap, especially mine."-Heero Yuy, Gundam Wing

"Life is empty. When we take a life, we take nothing of value."-Durzo Blint, The Way of Shadows

What I think about gun balance: If the gun goes pewpew, you have no reason to QQ.

so no, them being lazy isn't the only explanation. it is in fact the least likely explanation. from my experiences as an indie game dev, being lazy and being a game developer are two mutually exclusive states.

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Tuesday, October 29th 2013, 12:26pm

sometimes when on the battlelog when checking the guns if you click on a gun nothing happens,and it lasts for quite some time... now,we are on symthic so we don't need to use that option,but a bug it's still a bug.
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