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Wednesday, June 22nd 2016, 4:48am

***** Official Rule Update Regarding "Sound Glitch" ***** Effective Immidiately

Courtesy Rule in regards to the “SOUND GLITCH”: Due to the recent exposure of the vehicle sound glitch. We will be henceforth be enforcing a rule on it. The LTOs of CCS believe that the sound glitch is not a glitch, but a game exploit to where it give the user an incredibly unfair advantage. Due to the game breaking mechanic that this exploit has, we will be issuing some rules to hopefully fix this.
If there is reason to believe the bug was used with malicious intent, no matter what, this will result in default loss for every round that player participated in with the exploit active and penalty points will be allocated to that said player.*

Quickly, I’d like to point out that the means to how the bug can be obtained is very simple and also can be quite accidental to unbeknownst participants in CCS. Due the nature of this exploit, here is how we will handle moving forward:
If a player has the sound bug, the enemy team is supposed to let him/her know in ALL chat that it is the case.
The players that were killed by the sound bug need to RECORD that this occurred

Q: How can we confirm?
A: Empty gadgets / spectator can also tell / obviously the vehicle is SILENT!

The player abusing the sound glitch, will be required to REDEPLOY within 50 SECONDS of his confirmation. HIS TEAM (the team leader probably) needs to constantly be monitoring all chat as best as possible.
If the above scenario happens, only -35 tickets off
If the sound glitch is not fixed on the player’s next life, an additional -35 tickets will be removed [totaling 70 tickets]
If the offending team refuses to comply, and is also found guilty, they will default lose (-300 tickets) the round that it was used in.

Q: How can a player “undo” the sound glitch?
A: Rejoin the server OR go to your vehicle load out screen and change your shells / etc and hit ESC

What we recommend to team leaders: Have your team come to the match READY before it begins, so they do not have to change their gadgets in the wait screen before the match. Meaning, have teams change it in battlelog before they join the server. Join a pub and warm up with the setup you will use in your game. Simply do your best to AVOID going to the setup screen while waiting for the match to begin.
Additionally, we will be requiring a “before live” restart for teams to appropriately check their set ups. Afterwards a LOR (live on restart) will be done and it is recommended to not alter or change your loadout until the match begins! This will hopefully lower the chances of it "accidentally" occurring.

TL;DR : Don't do the sound glitch, if you do, you will be penalized!