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Tuesday, March 1st 2016, 5:29am

***** CCS Season 2 Update *****

So, we're about to get this party started ladies and gents.

Starting NEXT Wednesday (March 9th), we will have the first preseason week. It will be mandatory for Tier I and Tier II teams, and we'll be softy beginning the Tier III season as well. Thanks to every team that is participating. What we have, can not be had without you. So again, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Just know that you're signing up for the whole season, and do you best to play (at least) ALL 5 matches that you will have.

Some changes to the rules for Season 2:

NO Gunner Incendy: Although balanced a lot better now (doesn't go through walls (as often)); we still feel for 10v10s that it is a bit powerful, and too easily spammable.
NO Famas / CZ: This is, and will remain a controversial ban. Due to the behavior of competitive matches (engagements are 95% fought sub 15m), and the fact that we want to do our best to increase diversity with weapon choices, the CCS administration has decided to ban these weapons. This was a very community driven decision.
NO Jet on Dawnbreaker: This is slightly controversial, but, the Jet was deemed by most a poor choice to allow in 10v10s. The jet is indeed limited to its' effectiveness as a jet; but the ability to be a ramming piece of equipment is just too far powerful to overlook. Simply put, we don't want to make a ram fest out of Dawnbreaker.
Whiteout has been replaced with Karelia: Not a perfect replacement, but we are simply low on good replacement maps. We believe this offers a LITTLE bit better cover for infantry battles; though like some other maps, it is hard to climb out of (and slow) if you lose the tie on the burn. This does NOT replace the 5th week map for Tier I

Teams will be added to their respective tiers over the next few days. Once teams have been added, team leaders may put their rosters down. Rosters are not locked during preseason. Players are locked to a team during the season (though, team leaders / admins can release players from one team to another) [THIS MEANS AS A PLAYER, YOU ARE COMMITTING TO A TEAM WHEN YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO PLAY FOR THEM]. Rosters will be hard locked by the 5th week of the season.

(quick aside: It is possible that some teams will be moved around from tier to tier as final teams are being jotted down. However, more or less, this is what we're thinking for where teams should be, that provide the BEST competitive environment.)

Recall that we will have awards this season, so teams need to make sure that they have a team leader that they accept to receive the rewards for their team.

ALSO, I am going to be sending out an email to team leaders gmails that I have. I need as many graphics for your team that you wish to provide. If you do not have any (which is totally fine) we will use the battlelog emblem for your team for graphics.

Team leaders also need to send me gmails for GOOGLE DOCS; as we will be using google docs for many of the match comms this season (I think this will be better than just the forums).

Thanks guys, and check the website FREQUENTLY for updates.

Weekly Map List:

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