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: May 23rd 2015

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Sunday, July 5th 2015, 8:37am

Pro Tips Thread

Can we have a pro tips thread?
Share loadouts, strategies, playstyles etc. that you think would be helpful to others.

-The XM25 Dart is insanely useful. You can use a long range LMG and still wreck booty up close. Plus, you can see through smoke.
-The M26 is almost as good as the XM25 Dart. I use it when I know the enemy is using a shotgun, or as a beefed-up Shorty 12G.
-Heavy barrel makes a big improvement on a lot of guns. I don't see people using it too much, though.
-IMO Recon with a semi-auto shotgun, T-UGS and sensor grenades is the ultimate TDM loadout.
-If you can't shoot over a piece of cover due to the pesky head glitch fix, just deploy a bipod.

That's all I can think of for now.
Semi-related (not really a tip, just something I found)-Using an underslung MASS makes your hip fire reticle tiny.




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Sunday, July 5th 2015, 9:00am

Consider the entirety of the technical section of our forums as "pro tips".

Sorry, this thread doesn't meet any expectations of meaningful discussion and really is only serving as spam by restating facts or opinions already being currently or previously discussed in other topics. Locked.