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Saturday, September 6th 2014, 12:11am

Speaking of which, did the perks get fixed in CTE? I remember that the perks never used to work when I actually needed ammo.

That was fixed in vanilla a while ago (Naval Strike?), they always work for me now.

Really? I've barely played in the last 6 or 7 months, so I though it was the same since.

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Saturday, September 6th 2014, 12:16pm

Thanks for the replies, guys!

I've been running Combat Medic now - it really is nice to have that extra Medic Bag.
With a little luck you can earn quite a few points just by dropping a MB at a choke point and heal your buddies.
I'm not sure if I've been dying more often after the switch away from Defensive to Combat Medic.
I can't really tell.

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Saturday, September 6th 2014, 1:09pm

I would never touch defensive perk before it gets nerfed (namely the bullet vest thing), but combat medic has all the things I want: Boost to teamwork all around. Two well placed medpacks pump up points like crazy and 100% faster defib charge lets you revive 100% in no-time.
Also the slight speed boost is helpful with shotgun :v
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Sorry if your name wasn't on the list, I honestly can't recall all names : ( . Nudge me if you want to be included


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Saturday, September 6th 2014, 1:09pm

Really? I've barely played in the last 6 or 7 months, so I though it was the same since.

You should probably try and fix that...Preferably at a time when I'm online ;)

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Saturday, September 6th 2014, 1:16pm

It's for being a team player, plus double medkits and quick charge defibs helps you rack up points super quick, especially in OP Locker/Metro.
something something Model 8 bestgun

How to ice an A-91

Next, wanna try adding a guy that you KNOW is bad, and just testing to see that? Example: PP-2000 (god I so wanna love this gun, and yet...)

Example: PP-2000 (god I so wanna love this gun, and yet...)

PP-2000 added. Y'know, it's not that bad....

Yes, it comes in last so far, but that is mostly because I'm making it shoot at 100m ADS - Not Moving as one of the criteria. Even then, between 50-100m Not Moving, when you include Useability, it is only 1.37% worse than the MTAR-21. Within 50m then it even beats the A-91.

Have a look, vs. the A-91 Carbine:

Using it with Muzzle Brake and Compensator is a wash in terms of overall performance. Comp is SLIGHTLY more accurate, while MB is SLIGHTLY more easy to use. Their overall scores are basically tied, with MB just ahead. I guess either can be recommended.

But... You can't be counting for the fact that it takes 9 bullets to kill at "long" range... Don't you dare tell me my A-91 is worse than a 9 BTK 650 RPM mediocre PDW.

Also. Just go heavy barrel. The recoil is low enough.

Well, technically...

Comparing a PP2K with HB and an A-91 with comp and stubby (as you suggested in an earlier post), at 50m not moving, the A-91 is only better by 4 damage per hitrate. While at 75m and 100m, surprisingly the PP2K does better than the A-91 (I'm pretty damn surprised as well).

And 10m and 50m moving the PP2K also does more damage per hitrate than the A-91. At 25m the A-91 is only better by about half a bullet's damage as well.

In addition, the PP2K has a much larger mag size and substantially less recoil. And it looks hella awesome. So comparing the A-91 to a PDW is of some worth after all, as the PP2K is better (technically, not practically) than the A-91.

Mind blown.

I... I...

*cries in a corner*

Zer0Cod3x explained it very well. If you look at the raw numbers right here on Symthic Comparison, you can see how that happened:

A-91 vs PP-2000 | BF4 Weapon Comparison | Symthic

A-91's "23%" RPM advantage only afforded it 1 extra round.

Reload times are wash.

Velocities are wash.

V-Recoil are wash (and this is HBar on PP2k vs. A-91 without).

Hipfire and ADS - Moving are better on the PP2k, but it's a PDW and not the surprising part.

The surprising part is that, as equipped (and we see above that PP2k HBar has almost same V-Recoil as A-91 without HBar so why not?), the PDW performs better at 50 - 100m than a bloody Carbine. Why?

H-Recoil Spread, 0.525 vs. 0.45, advantage PP2k.

SIPS, 42% better on the PP2k.

And here is the most important part. ADS - Not Moving Spread, 0.35 vs. 0.2, 43% improvement.

Without HBar then of course the PP2k loses, which is why when I add all the attachments together for an Overall Ranking, it would slot below the A-91. Run HBar on it, though, then... I'm sorry

I... I...



In all seriousness, thank you both so much for giving me the numbers. I still don't want to accept them. You have led the horse to water. I still need to drink.


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Saturday, September 6th 2014, 2:58pm

Not to mention that the medkit acts as quasi-armor while at your feet.

Things people said

And reading Youtube comments still gives me Turbo Cancer.

It really is quite frustrating when Helen Keller sets up her LMG in the only doorway in/out of an area.

What kind of question is that? Since when is cheese ever a bad idea?

Hardline is a fun and sometimes silly Cops and Robbers sorta thing and I think that's great. Or it would be if it didn't suck.


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Monday, September 15th 2014, 11:15pm

I only recently gave it a try, and it's now my default field upgrade for assault. Dual medic bags is a great start for accumulating those squad points (and points in general, not that I care), so level 2 sprint is easy to attain. Sprint has always been the reason I used to prefer the offensive perk, and in the combat medic path it only serves to make medic duty even easier. Then defib upgrade hits, and it's funny because at first I thought that this was going to be a completely useless perk whereas it's probably the best out of the bunch. Full revives on teammates without even slowing me down - feels good man. I don't know about medical unit, it seems like a nice thing to have but I can't remember if I've ever healed anyone this way. I'm wondering: Does it also heal passengers in the same vehicle?

So, long story short: Combat medic is very, very good. Pretty much every assault player should use it. It's a win-win situation for both the assault player and their team.


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Tuesday, September 16th 2014, 4:05am

Does it also heal passengers in the same vehicle?


Same thing applies to Resupply Unit.

Suddenly Little Birds don't need to run Heatseekers when they have a pair of Engineers that can do the job with infinite ammo and repairs.

So, long story short: Combat medic is very, very good. Pretty much every assault player should use it. It's a win-win situation for both the assault player and their team.

It's why Body Armor is actually a very useful perk. It doesn't help your team and it's highly unlikely that Body Armor would let you take on scenarios that would require a team.
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Tuesday, September 16th 2014, 6:55am

Combat Medic makes Defensive look stupid. Same goes for Grenadier when you use M320.
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Tuesday, September 16th 2014, 9:08am

The Ammo Box is not for you. It's for your teammates. Anyone who thinks that one Ammo Box is enough for their teammates is declaring that they do not want to be helpful.
I think that's overstating your case.

I too use the Indirect Fire upgrade as a support player, but I just wish DICE would make the support trees more viable. As I usually run with either C4 or UCAV, the Indirect Fire upgrade path goes like this for me:

1. Great, one more ammo bag to put down!
2. Extra ammo, why should I care about this when I have unlimited ammo at my command?
3. Extra XM25/Mortar ammo, I couldn't care less about this.
4. Resupply Unit. Decent, if it wasn't for the fact that I can put down an ammo box on many vehicles and get the same effect. Plus, between the fact that it's the last upgrade to be unlocked and I'm not that often in a vehicle, I rarely ever get to see the usefulness of this.

So, 1 or at most 2 out of 4 upgrades that I benefit from is a pretty raw deal. Perimeter Defense is even worse though: I never run with Claymores or APS so only Extra Suppression is useful. By comparison the Combat Medic, Grenadier, Repair, AT, Spec Ops and Sniper paths are all jam packed with upgrades that the other kits more or less always benefit from.

The Offensive path is always tempting when playing as Support. 10% extra sprint speed is even better now that the movement acceleration has been increased, and it allows you to get faster to the front line, be a harder target to hit, dash out to plant C4, catch up with team mates to give them ammo etc.