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Wednesday, September 3rd 2014, 2:36pm

Should commander mode be removed from Battlefield?

Dear Symhticans I want to start poll and discussions about commander mode.

In my opinion the worst thing in BF4 is commander mode.

I think it should be removed completely.

- It tragically unbalance game for the team which not have one.

Even if there is two commanders UAV ruins game completely for a stealth type of players.

it makes same smart tactics useless - flanking and using silencers etc...

It is very annoying with its cruise missile

Punishing same players for being good and makes them most valuable targets...

There is nothing You can do about it.

Some trolling idiots drop supplies on Your head when You operate rawr or eod bot and team killed you...
Some people buy another account to play commander and soldier at the same time...


Mayby I am wrong... so please discuss

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Wednesday, September 3rd 2014, 2:44pm

I side with none of your choices. Keep it but nerf it NOT to a level where it will be useless, but less useful yet has importance in the game.
I dunno how, but let the people here decide.

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Wednesday, September 3rd 2014, 3:15pm

I don't believe it should be removed, they would never do that anyway.
What I wish is that when you wanted to play commander mode that you went in to some form of matchmaking and it would then put you up against another commander. I know this wouldn't help with the inevitable quitting of one commander but maybe after a commander quits and the round ends you go back in to matchmaking again. Do that instead of letting you continue with one side have a commander while the other doesn't.
Also do any of the squad perks let you stay off the commander UAV because if not they need to make a change to that.

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Wednesday, September 3rd 2014, 3:22pm

Nerf AC-130 spawn time, reduce UAV radius on tiny map like Lockers or Market and nerf the timer, and don't allow only one-side only commander unbalance. Issue mostly solved !

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Wednesday, September 3rd 2014, 3:35pm

AC130 can go to hell or take ages to build up, maybe some point system.. Earn points to unlock assets...

Cruise missile is easy to avoid, especially if you have your own commander to warn you about it.

UAV is just on constantly and makes the rest of the game annoying as all your stealth tactics are useless. There should be more effort involved than just clicking once. Something like commander has the UAV, but has to manually place "enemies here" markers rather than full spotting.

EMP thingy, err.. wat... remove and replace with other mechanic.

Make the commander be a physical player in game and have all assets as objects in game that you can destroy just like in BF2. So if you want their UAV gone, destroy their UAV bunker. You can have mortar strikes and other assets as well...


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Wednesday, September 3rd 2014, 4:23pm

I agree with much of what Aenonar said:

UAV needs to be stopped. It is automatic and annoying. A couple solutions:

1. UAV only shows everyone on the map to the commander, not on the minimap.

If you think about it, this makes sense because only the commander needs the information the UAV provides. When he gives orders and issues warnings for lots of infantry in an area, that is as a reaction to this information. If everyone gets it, there is no point. Thus commander spotting altogether needs to be severely limited. MAV, Tugs, and Recon Balls put the scan abilities in the hands of people on the ground, commander should be doing tactical things that are not spotting now. UAV should only be for the commander's benefit.

2. UAVs are destructible. Either make stinglas able to bring them down or have a destructible shed like BF2.

Make map GUI more obvious on conquest

AC 130 Point should be far more obvious than it is in Conquest now. AC-130 should only be on conquest, it should have a real cooldown tied to when it is destroyed, and the Spawn Map should itself scream at players which point is the AC130 point.

Ditto for Cruise Missiles.

Commanders should be able to give orders to places on the map, not just capture points. And GUI to reflect this.

Again, the gui is a mess and hard to understand for most people. It should be clear to the squad leader what is Commander requested and then another set of icons should be used just to show orders. Dorito spam ruined a lot of the quality GUI work for command from BF2 and BF2142.

Lastly and most importantly,

Commander should be enterable and exitable from in game without having to switch out to another screen.
On PC at least, this is incredibly tedious and cuts from the flow of game a lot. That would help prevent the one team commander unbalance.

I would also like to have automated commanders. Even a crappy AI commander who automatically calls in the AC-130 and randomly proposes untaken capture points as assignments for squads is better than nothing. I have to believe this rudimentary AI is possible.


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Wednesday, September 3rd 2014, 4:33pm

Some of you seem to be missing the point of Commander mode: Yes, while it's part of "gameplay theme / universe" it mostly seems to be a way to bring BF4 to mobiles too. Thus it can't be made so that commander is a physical player. It also needs something to keep the player interested so we can't have too long reloads with cheapest skills like UAV.
But I agree with one thing: AC130 must be nerfed in one way or another, preferably by increasing its reload a lot. At the moment it will either be a big pain in team's are if enemy has constant AC130 above OR it will take 90% attention of one attack jet / MAA if commander just spams new one after last one is destroyed. In latter case the commander also gets free points just by spamming it.
If somethings needs to be buffed in returns make cruise missile reload bit faster in bigger maps. It's fairly limited anyways.
Also something needs to be done to the case where only one of the teams has a commander. Good commander can be a game-changer.

Commanders should be able to give orders to places on the map, not just capture points. And GUI to reflect this.

Commander can. Select a squad and click on ground and select defend/attack w/e it had.
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Wednesday, September 3rd 2014, 5:25pm

Commanders should be able to give orders to places on the map, not just capture points. And GUI to reflect this.

Commander can. Select a squad and click on ground and select defend/attack w/e it had.

Hmm. I need to play more commander. I have never seen this done.

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Wednesday, September 3rd 2014, 5:39pm

:D was just about to correct you and got ninjad.

I voted no to its removal.

I feel commander is a bit more balanced on HC than in normal mode. Mostly because we have no minimap and to get a map we have to actually inconvenience ourselves.

Gunship as I posted in another thread is only a problem when a team lets it be. Same with repped littlebirds mortars.

Cruise missile. I havent been killed by it enough to hate it. More often than not all it does is provide a small Michael Bay moment for me.

sm- Cruise missile I think
me- Oh they have a commander?
sm- Guess so
me- Hmm So im thinking of playing engi exclusively with pdw's.....

Cuz I know no one GAF about HC I will give my IDGAF opinion on Normal mode implementation of commander

Remove live enemy position updates. :D Who am I kidding? "you" people need it.
Reduce the radius of the UAV.
Lower Height ceiling of UAV.
Remove minimap. :D Who am I kidding?
Change the name of Squads or Capture points. Alpha Squad head to.... Alpha... A... Capture Point Alpha...
1.Increase damage of Gunship.
1a. Limit rate of fire.
1b. Increase respawn drastically.
1c. Its a fucking AC130 gunship. Deal with it.
1d. Increase Michael Bayness. The earth must shake. The skies blacken. Animals flee.

Make commander mode worth playing to the "scrub" There is no real "prestige" to it. Do you get exclusive cammo? Tags?(other than that shitty one?) How about portraits?
Add points to things like evac order. and get points for each friendly that you saved. ~ dunno how would work.

I love playing commander because I am constantly talking. Yelling to squad leaders to watch their six. To expect enemies in the building to the north of flag. X number of enemies on flag. --- See remove mini map. Commander value sky rocketed. Communication sky rocketed. Teamwork sky rocketed. People requesting and doing orders sky rocketed. Rape of the other team Delicious. Its liek reliving my PL days in Arma except when I get people killed they arent out of the game for the night but for what 6 seconds?


@Cap points- instead of having vehicles spawn. Have them become commander assets he can air drop to requested units.
I like the AI commander Idea but doubt people would like ai CMing them.

Oh I have seen maybe 1 other commander who actually communicated and it was my clan mate. The rest just spammed UAV for points.

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Wednesday, September 3rd 2014, 5:45pm

I loved the shit out of Commander in BF2, you could manually zoom into the map and spot individual players. I don't remember if the UAV scan was only visible to the commander, but that would be a nice change. It seems cumbersome to implement individual spotting for console commanders, and it might not work well for the commander app.

I don't really see an issue with the cruise missile, it takes forever.
The AC-130, I guess I haven't had to many problems with it. In the entirety of my BF4 career I can count on one hand the amount of times an AC-130 has been shitstomping my team. The AC-130 is also pretty easy to shootdown, especially if you have any air support, I don't remember the AC-130 having AA guns like it did in BF3.

Scan negates stealthily sneaking around? Yeah, it can be lame on narrow maps where a UAV completely lights up a high traffic part of the map. And sure its an unfair advantage when one team has an active commander and the other does not. But that argument falls into the "my team is full of idiots and the other team is full of pros". I have lost many many matches as a commander and with a commander because the rest of the team is comprised of tards, AFK people, bushwookies, etc.

Commander is a powerful tool. Its a godsend when it is to your advantage, and aggravating when its used against you. I don't want to see commander removed, this "gimmicky" commander app does really hamstring its potential though. Commander mode on a console is... just plain awkward. I play it from time to time since my Kindle Fire HDX isn't sideloading the commander app anymore, it is pretty cumbersome.
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