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Friday, August 1st 2014, 3:13pm

@tankmayvin ^

I understand most of your points about the lack of health regen not improving much in the game. They are true, but they only tell that lack of health regen doesn't help the game. It fails to tell why no health regen is worst. I see no reason for why it changes the game much, so I'm not really fussed about it, but having the choice, I feel it's more natural to not have health regen than having it, for the reasons I wrote earlier.

As for vehicle repair. I think it makes a huge difference, specially in helicopters and jets. I have been able to be airborne in a jet so many times after restoring my health out of nowhere that it feels unfair for the next jet fighter that tries to kill me. I should need to at least displace myself from attack to my base to repair/rearm instead of being able to relentlessly keep attacking enemies while my health goes back to full.

I also agree with you that the new games are much better overall than the old ones, but it certainly isn't because of the rules/presets. It was my only peeve on the new games, and finally I'm seeing my wishes fulfilled. You gotta admit the new normal preset is much more beginner friendly than the classic normal.