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: Jan 18th 2013

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Thursday, July 17th 2014, 4:29pm

When the game first launched, the LAW was only really annoying because literally everyone was using an autoaim rpg. But when most people have swapped over to the SRAW/SMAW/RPG, it's really not an issue. It was just the BEBEBEBBEEBEBBEBEBEE when a LAW got near you that pissed me off
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: Jul 19th 2012

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Thursday, July 17th 2014, 4:57pm

I only use stinger when I play engi on foot, because I'm mainly do repairs and if I see a tank I'm already dead anyway.

Loved the law for anti air ability if target was painted, and it allowed a bit of inaccuracy. Now it's not as useful.
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DICE gave so much into making commander better, but lemmings be lemmings I guess.

As a good guy that don't want to use overly glitched weapons, I'll quit using the MTAR and switch to the ACWR until it's fixed

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+1, I think we're all in agreement that more MrT3as would be an awesome thing :love:
Although if that was the case they'd use up so much of the world's awesome that there'd be none left for the rest of us! :D

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