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Monday, February 24th 2014, 7:19pm

PTFOing as a Sniper - Do's and Don'ts?

I guess we can all agree that its a topic that is quite largely debated, which is what to do when playing the Recon class other than wasting one of the 32 teamslots.

For the sake of this argument, we are only considering Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles. Apparently, since DICE is DICE, they decided to give Carbines to all classes which gives them so much versatility you can pretty easily ignore the other primaries and roll with an AR for Assault and a carbine for everything else. So we aren't considering carbines as you can easily play like you normally would, we are here to talk about what makes BASRs so different from other weapons in terms of playstyle.
First of all, BASRs are made for one thing only - that is extreme long ranges. So it means that you must maintain a good amount of distance from your enemy to fully capitalize on your weapon's strength. The problem is, this usually means hanging out on rooftops or near the edge of the map. This, in turn, means that most of the time you literally won't be coming anywhere near the objectives. So with that in mind, how can you play your part? Of course BASRs can kill people from very far away, but killing the enemy isn't everything, and that's where the problem comes in.

I don't consider myself a pro Sniper/Recon player by any means - this thread is just so that people who are proficient with the BASRs (and/or Recon class in general, if any) can post their views, or discuss the ways by which you can actually help your team. Let's just have a positive frame of mind - DICE (hopefully) put the BASRs in the game for a reason, and even irl they do exist for a reason.

To start off with, common arguments I've seen is to play Rush defense, 'cause you can pretty much hang back at your spawn and watch the MCOMs to prevent anyone from arming them. Or, you can play TDM because that's one mode where your objective IS to kill the enemy so if you can find some sort of good vantage point then you can technically PTFO. But what about Conquest, heck even Domination? The Sniper can help in clearing out enemies who are trying to cap a friendly flag, or at least give your team some very basic help, such as spotting them to track their movements and laser-designating enemy vehicles, so engies can take them on a bit more easily. This is where the Recon gadgets come in - Motion Sensors, T-Ugs, MAV and SUAV can all help in the above mentioned activities. Recons even get certain tools to make use of the info they gather, with Claymores for use against infantry, and C4 against vehicles (if you know a tank is coming, why not just use the C4 as a manually detonated SLAM?). Then there are Spawn Beacons as well - recons have enough toys at their disposal to figure out where the enemies are, and once you do that it shouldn't be too hard to figure out the ideal flanking route (if any). Place a spawn beacon in there, and you can be a massive pain in the ass for the other team.

I've said all that I could. Discuss and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong anywhere, I probably am.

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Monday, February 24th 2014, 7:56pm

a) there are tons of guides and videos about this topic. im sure reddit bf4 and battlelog and even mordor is flush with these topics.
b) sadly even symthic has had what seems to be about 1000 of these topics the search function will surly bring up results.

But if i were to leave this unlocked heres what would happen.

1) we would get a report reporting saying this is a worthless post (thats the nice version)
2) the majority of users would post with some snide comment or picture about bushwookies and them being unwanted.
3) one or two of our resident "sniperZ" would show up and argue that sitting on the mountains on firestorm trying to snipe each other is "productive" when they may save 1-5 tickets per game.
4) the majority of users would post and talk about why sniping isn't ptfo and how its ruining the game. if someone was extra pissy today they would drag up a battlereport of one of the snipers showing they were only worth 4 tickets or something.
5) back and forth. back and forth.
6) i come back to my computer to see this thread has 8 reports.
7) i sigh. and read through everything.
8. ) if need be, send warnings and delete posts.
9) someone else comments after i forget to lock the post
10) i lock the post and deal with the reports
11) i refresh the homepage to find that STRATS FOR ROCKET JUMPING AND USEING SRAW AS LONG RANGE SNIPEZ + 100 DAMGE DMRS has been posted. (spelling mistakes (sadly) on purpose.
12) repeat steps 1-10)
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