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Thursday, February 20th 2014, 6:48am

In my experience the Kobra in BF4's aspect ratio when ADS causes a lot of the 1913-MILSTD rail to obscure the screen creating an uncomfortable horizon (using ACE, M416, and L85). The Cayote RDS seems to bounce the least, and provide the widest aspect ratio for engaging targets at all distances with the least obscured LOS.

The Russian 3.4 takes the the MOST of the screen, the American RDS is a terribly narrow and obstructive sight picture, and the American Holo 1x bounces ALOT while also having a LEO/Mil BDS reticle (or at least appearing to) http://www.xcrforum.com/forum/attachment…3reticle-1-.jpg

Edit: With these things in mind, and knowing that scope sway is identical. There still has to be a subjective or aesthetic characteristic which makes the different sights more or less suitable to sway/bounce in keeping a crisp sight picture.
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Thursday, February 20th 2014, 10:07am


Since the visual recoil is basically the same on all guns it really becomes more noticeable on slow rate of fire guns. The QBZ-95 is basically unusable to me because of it... even with a high ROF and high recoil gun I would be doing better at long ranges than with that piece of shit

This scope sway apparently does not affect your gun performance in any way, so it effectively doesn't matter.

Well, a lower rpm would make the sway between shots more noticeable and that, in turn, would make you more prone to try to compensate for it.