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Grounded in reality


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Friday, January 17th 2014, 3:31pm

I used to have almost exactly the same sensibility like you and I never bothered about it. Then I started to go down. You have 7 cm for 360. 1st I went 15, then 20, then I had to change mouse pad to go lower and I went 30. 2 weeks ago I went 45. Every single adjustment, couple of hours of struggling and after this I feel that my accuracy goes up significantly. I play Domination. I've almost never had rounds with acc > 24% without using explosives. After a week after switching to 45cm I've managed to have 29%.

But what are your other stats? K/D, KPM?
I see no point in maintaining high accuracy if it impacts your global performace.

That being said, I look at "top" players and I see accuracy of 24%+
My usual accuracy for assault rifles is around 18%; so... there's a lot of room for me to improve. I'll try to lower mine to see how I do.
Although my accuracy has increase after switching from playing on a TV to a monitor.

Also, does anybody know the pixel size of the red dot on the coyote/rds? You don't need pixel perfect accuracy imo, just good enough to put the RDS over an opponents head at 100m.

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Friday, January 17th 2014, 3:39pm

But what are your other stats? K/D, KPM?
I see no point in maintaining high accuracy if it impacts your global performace.
I'm an ACE wh..e.

My global ACE stats: 2.04 KPM, 20.06% acc
My stats from last 13 hours (tracked in spreadsheet): 2.52 KPM, 21.67% acc
Before I went from 30 to 45 my acc was 19.8%.

Global K/D 3, affected by vehicles, but for the last 20+ hours Domination only it doesn't change to much. It's oscilating around 3. Some rounds 1.5, some 4.5. It may be my psychological barrier :)

I'm still pretty fresh with 45cm. I feel comfortable with it, but 10-20 hours is nothing compared to tons that I've spent with 8cm on BF3, so I'm looking forward to master it.

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: Jun 3rd 2016

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Friday, June 3rd 2016, 5:21am

So I used to play at 1200 DPI at like, 20% ingame. 100% Aim. Came out to 2.4 In/360. I changed because I kept getting told that my sensitivity was crazy high.

Now I'm playing at 800 DPI at 20% ingame. 100% Aim. 5.5 In/360. Vehicles @ 30% ingame.

Feels much smoother. Die a lot more to flanks, which I hate, but my Scar-H game is way more on point.

Edit: Tier 2 player from the Sym Tourney for Early 2016.




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Friday, June 3rd 2016, 6:33am

Please do not post in threads that have gone more than 3 months without a reply. This thread is from 2014. Closed.

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