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Sunday, December 8th 2013, 9:27pm

Sniper (BA) Tips

I was just wondering if anyone can give me some BA tips for PC. Recon is my most used class and I feel bad that I only have maybe 100 BA kills and well the game is
already boring to me and I want to try something different so why not learning to use BA.

What I want to know is some helpful tips on what attachments I should use?
What BA is best for a semi-aggressive play style?
Keyboard layout and Mouse sensitivity for BA game play.

All help is appreciated.

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: Apr 2nd 2013

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Sunday, December 8th 2013, 9:40pm

M40 with SPB and proper zeroing can be effective at any range you want it to be. Most people use the 6x and 14x for good near range open zoom, and a decent long range zoom. Suppressor isn't bad for the M40, and the other barrel attachments don't do that much, so it boils down to preference.

Basically M40A5:
With (6x/7x/8x) choose whichever one your comfortable with
Variable zoom 14x
Suppressor or not is up to you
SPB because a bipod isn't necessary at all for anything inside 1000m


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Sunday, December 8th 2013, 9:57pm

You are not forced to go for the headshot in all engagements, if you estimate you can't hit the head, go for the torso. Better to at least hit the target than missing it, even if you don't kill it.

Develop an habit of quickly switching to your secondary after you fire at CQB, just in case you didn't kill the guy.

While more of a general tip than anything else, but try to pick your engagements as often as possible, aka don't get caught off guard.
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Sunday, December 8th 2013, 10:12pm

If play semi aggressive, I'd recommend any sight that's 3.4x to 8x. It'll depend on map and what range you plan on engaging targets; the closer you are, the less zoomed scope you want (obviously).
For the accessory, I'd run either a laser sight or the variable zoom. Each will do its own thing: laser for closer ranges and variable zoom for longer ranges where you need to reach out. Note that if you're running anything below a 6x zoomed scope, laser is your only option (between the two I've recommended), but you can run the variable zoom on anything 6x or above. Either way, it'll make you "specialize" into a certain range, unless you run 6x+ with laser. In that case, you're decent at both.
For a barrel attachment, either go suppressor or flash hider or nothing. Suppressor if you're flanking or in close ranges. I put the flash hider in there since it really has no drawbacks, and why you would need a muzzle break on a bolt action... I don't know...
SPB is best since you're not bush wookiee'ing across the map.

The rifle:
I haven't tried all that many BA's out so far, so I can only tell you about a few that stand out. Scout Elite is alright. Fast RPM is great, but the low mag and high bullet drop is a pain. I unlocked the FY-JS last night, and I've been liking that a lot more. It's got great muzzle velocity and tied for the lowest dropping gun in the game (with SRR) plus it has 10 in the mag, but it trades off for RPM compared to the Scout. Both of these rifles, however, are just plain bad after ~100m. They won't get you a one hit kill in the head at that range, and the dropped off damage can still be a pain at ranges less than 100m if you're landing body shots. I've used the SRR and it does feel really good for longer ranges (little drop, quick bullet, high damage). The low RPM does make it hard to use in closer ranges though.

I can't really tell you anything about keyboard layout or mouse sensitivity since I'm a console peasant. I hope the rest of the post helped, though, and good luck with BA's. They're a ton of fun.


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Monday, December 9th 2013, 8:37am

On the subject, is the laser even worthwhile? I mean, the hip spread on the bolt guns is so horrid as is it's a miracle you can even hit someone from the hip, getting a 25% boost on it isn't helping much. Same with the LMGs, and if you argue that just using it as a aim-point helps I call BS. Go into the test range, stand 10 feet from a target, put the laser on the center, and fire until all rounds are expended. See how many shots land out of 100...

That being said, I guess it's better than nothing and isn't quite as useless as the flashlight with anything greater than a 3.4x.

To the OP, I can't offer any suggestions on layout and sensitivity as I don't change any of that depending on kit and I don't recommend it either. As a KISS rule, the more stuff you change up the more stuff you have to learn. If you use the same layout for everything you won't be caught off guard or have to deal with a learning curve.

As for the gun, as was said the M40 kind of reigns supreme as the CQC AggRecon bolt-gun as it has the best all around package with a higher ROF and good damage profile, meaning it is not completely crippled if you have to shoot over 100m but will shine within that distance. Another unique choice is the .338 Recon. It has a small magazine of only 5 rounds and a slower ROF than the M40, but as a bullpup it has a moving spread and hip fire spread advantage which could really help up close.

Attachments really depends on your skill level and range of engagements. I love the 3.4x scopes for run-n-gun type stuff as I feel they aren't too powerful for point blank or too weak for up to 200m or so. I find the 4x scopes are usually too much for up close, personally, it may be a small difference but it matters to me.
Again, as was said, the 6x with the 14x attachment may be a great choice as it allows you to easily engage targets far away while not being too difficult to use up close.

Bi-pod is obviously a no-go, as aside from LMGs it is typically only useful at a few hundred meters and part of being a good recon is always being on the move anyway. Straight-pull bolt all the way.

Accessory is a toss up. Flashlight is useful in it's own ways, but will likely give you away more than you want. The laser, as mentioned above, has questionable usefulness on a sniper rifle for actual hipfire, but DOES have a statistical advantage. It can give away your position, though, so you may have to learn how to babysit that on/off switch. If you aren't using the 14x zoom or are using a <6x scope, the laser is probably the best option as it's better than nothing.

And for barrel attachment there really is no wrong answer. The muzzle brake is designed to lower vertical recoil, so it sort of has reduced effectiveness on a bolt action, but it may help you stay on target while in scope to judge bullet drop. Not very useful in CQ, but still.
The suppressor is a good choice if you are always up close, but will stomp the M40's already low velocity into the dirt so don't expect to be very effective at range.
The flash suppressor is probably the best all around choice, especially if you are using a <6x optic which doesn't give off glare. It will not hide you off the map, but will make you harder to pinpoint when firing.

As far as gameplay tips go, all I can say is try to stay out of the main firefights and seek the flanks instead.
Since your ROF is awful but your accuracy is divine, you need to make the shots count. More importantly, if you aren't playing HC mode the only reliable chance of a one hit kill is a headshot. This can be extremely difficult when up close with a magnified optic, especially on a moving target, especially one that is shooting back at you.
Let your team hammer the enemy face to face, you go along side and pick them off one by one.

You will have to learn to pick your battles and your targets as well, and this can only come from experience.

For example, you turn the corner and are faced with a squad of 3: an assault, a recon, and a support. Once you shoot one dead, they will notice you and return fire. Who do you shoot at first?

Well, the recon has the fun little gadgets at his disposal which can spot you, and he could put one down which will give you away. Also he has the spawn beacons which will call in more enemies, so you really can't let him do that. However, gadgets are destructible. He is also likely running either a bolt-gun or a carbine, which means he is quite a threat back to you if he is skilled and has good reaction speed.
The support guy has firepower, but has no accuracy on the move so is at the biggest disadvantage in a fight unless he is running a carbine. You can basically ignore him for now.
The assault guy is your biggest enemy. Not only does he have that deadly AR and possibly explosives, but you have to assume he has paddles. Even if you shoot the recon and support dead, if the Assault kills you and has paddles he will just undo the work you just did.

So the order I would take them in is assault>recon>support, then quickly sweep the area for recon gadgets and move on.

Similarly, if you turn the corner and you see 5 muzzles light up, RUN AWAY. Do not try to peek and return fire or sit and wait to be rushed, because you WILL be outgunned and overrun. You need to out-maneuver rather than out-shoot.

And that's about all I can tell you.
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