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Moon Knight

I didn't participate in off topic so all I got was this crappy title


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Wednesday, November 13th 2013, 7:58pm

Class Roles

Which class roles do you enjoy playing the most? For example, I enjoy playing as a Recon Spec Ops. These roles are not necessarily limited by field upgrades, it is simply the way you play your class.

Spec Ops

DMR/Carbine: RFB in large, wide open maps. AK 5C in large-medium maps. SG553 in smaller maps.
Gadget 1: PLD in larger maps. Motion sensors in smaller, less open maps.
Gadget 2: C4 in all maps except for Locker, since they are no vehicles. I use TUGS instead for to maximize enemy awareness.
Grenade: Impact
Field upgrade: Spec Ops for obvious reasons.

I find this class role to be incredibly versatile, and a very useful asset to your squad and team. My Jihad Jeep attempts appear to have about a 70% success rate. That's a free vehicle kill, and perhaps a multi-kill if I'm lucky. This even works on RHIBs and PWCs. :D The motion sensors are very useful when attacking cap points. Spawning into friendly choppers then parachuting onto a building for PLD laser designations or just staying inside the chopper and designating from there is invaluable to the team. It can cause even the best scout pilots to be massacred by friendly guided missiles.

As for my other class roles, I enjoy playing as a Medic (med-pack, defib), Mechanic (launcher, repair tool, vehicle-laming), and Support Gunner (bipod belt-fed LMG with ammo box and XM25 for additional fire support).

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Will it protect against STD's?

I'm a fan of the show, but not a "Brony". I don't obsess over it, but I do watch it and enjoy it.

That's like saying "I suck dick, but I'm not gay."

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Wednesday, November 13th 2013, 8:05pm

My most played role is anti-EVERYTHING engi :> (because 95% of the maps are 99% based around vehicles. And, well, screw that.)
I call it the BFYAEYL-setup, kudo's to those who figure it out

Accurate carbine (aku-74 or ace-23 when they aku gets nerfed), or DMR (mk11 or scar-h...i know the scar-h is more spammy, but...dat velocity. I still have to decide)
compact-45 silenced: For the occasional "oh shit!" moment, while being able to pewpew ppl silently in the back to preserve ammo
impactnade (sure, less damage, but higher splashrange. And hey...a powerful nade is nice, until you realize the enemy can just walk away from it even if your throw was perfect.

anti-tank perk

Close range: aku-74 and ace-23 both have enough firepower
midrange: same
600+ sniper range: SRAW best sniper rifle up to 900'ish meter :>
ground armor: SRAW
(foolish) helicopters: SRAW

And spam slams at every hotspot and/or chokepoint

I have to say though, I've also given the support with xm-25 (and indirect fire perk) a good try...and I REALLY like that one for infantry play. I might honestly consider going full on nope.avi to the medic class, just because of how amazing the xm-25 is against smartly positioned enemies.
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Best of epic quotes :D

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Just realized it's 4/20 tomorrow

Thanks for the heads up!
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Hardline is a fun and sometimes silly Cops and Robbers sorta thing and I think that's great. Or it would be if it didn't suck.

>littlebird passanger, semi-auto frag rounds
>gunship OP

Meanwhile at DICE-headquarters during BF4's release:

I'm pretty sure there's a massive post-it on every desk "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ANYTHING THAT IS ACTUALLY DOING WHAT IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE DOING"

"Hey guys remember how stupid prenerf mav was?"

"Lets add c4 to it."

The World Champion went to China once.

They called me a Gweilo.

So I kicked a big fucking hole in their wall and let all the Mongolians in.

just thought I'd share.

The thought of Assaults running out of ACE 23 rounds mid firefight, Engineers facing the rear of an unaware MBT with no rockets left, Recons unable to...Whatever the fuck they do. These are the things that keep me up at night ;(

About hunturk:
I don't know what's funnier, the video itself of the fact that an unlisted video has more views than most of your normal videos :P


You just live to hit people upside the noggin with a Math Bomb, don't you?

[context] Maybe it's the UK's overly aggressive porn filter at work. After all, it does have the word "monkey" in it and monkeys have been known to have sex so...

Previously, at DICE HQ:
"Ok guys, the password is "epic dream worlds"; everyone take a letter and do your best to turn it into into something random that we can put into a picture!"

I assume a functional game (BF4) also.

*pinches cheeks*
So cute!

But but but

He's a Youtuber ;(

There's no way he doesn't know what he's talking about

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Wednesday, November 13th 2013, 8:05pm

I find myself playing Support more since ammo is kinda scarce. Haven't been playing with class specific weapon much since carbines are really fun to use.

Although, I'm usually in a boat. Don't you ever forget.

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Wednesday, November 13th 2013, 8:14pm

I never once used a sniper rifle in BF3 on recon, except for the SKS, but recon eventually became my second class.

Lots of people called for "aggressive recon," but I did it strictly with the PDW, which was for all intents and purposes, a carbine. Best way to run the class was to slip into a far flag, drop your beacon somewhere good, and then hole up and take the MAV.

You could effectively go 0/0 for KDR while coming in somewhere in the top 4 by simply keeping your MAV up, guiding everyone else into targets, and retaking your lost flag every few minutes when no one could discover where you were at (which is easy when you'd spin the MAV to check your own AO).

I'm quite happy they gave me carbines out of the gate so I didn't have to waste time getting the PDW. Running the spec ops bonus pack, the beacon, and the (soon) the MAV will make me quite happy, although MAV is somewhat displaced if you've got a competent commander who's keeping drones over the hot spots.

C4 is irritating. I know its everyone's favourite gadget for lulzy fun, but the other tools are so much more conductive to team play that I'm happy to sacrifice it for the information gathering gadgets.

A good recon player in BF3 took the same role as the commander does in BF4. Keeping everyone moving on targets, appraised of threats, and gaurunteeing wins. Period.

FWIW, I do miss the PDW. :)

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And yet, you did it again. Do you think there's a secret in here?

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Its kind of like Oak Island, isn't it?

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And like Oak Island, you just keep digging. You know the seawater comes flooding in, in a moment.

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Did you know there's an entire portion of Oak Island that's built by man? False beaches constructed to allow the seawater to flood in and confound digging.

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Seriously, no shit. My friend wrote a book about it, it was mildly popular in the conspiracy circles for awhile, y'know, Templars and all that shit. Freemasons. Write a book about the Free Masons and you're garunteed to meet some crazy assholes.

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ISBN: 0-89281-710-0

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I've never been able to spell "garuntee" or whatever.

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They're funny, right?

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Monkeys that is, monkeys are funny.

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Are you a traveling man?

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Letter it and begin.

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Seriously, though, I'm not a Mason.

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Q: Are we not men?

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A: We are DEVO.

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We must repeat!

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Wednesday, November 13th 2013, 8:47pm

I dunno about you guys, but I pretty much only consider the first tier field upgrade when I'm choosing which tree is best for my current loadout, since unless I'm playing with an organized squad or premade (i.e. never), the probability of advancing up to a higher tier and holding that tier for any length of time seems pretty much zilch. So like Spec Ops I'll never take, even though the gadget improvements are nice, because most often I'll only end up with the level 1 perk "Stealth: Undetected by Motion Sensors except when Sprinting" which is pretty useless.

Lately I've been playing healer roles a lot, so on OpLocker and other nonvehicle maps it's
Assault Medic
1 = some good AR
2 = glock/shawty
3 = Defib
4 = Med Bag
nade = Mini/impact
perks = Combat Medic (for 2 medic bags out)

And on every other map it's
Repairs Engineer
1 = some good carbine
2 = glock/shawty
3 = SRAW or Stinger, usually SRAW
4 = Repair Tool
nade = Mini/impact
perks = Mechanic (for 35% faster repairs)

It's been awful for my stats, really dropped my K/D, Skill, etc., but I'm not gonna let silly numbers tell me how to play.
My soldier profile. Numbers are overrated anyway.


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Wednesday, November 13th 2013, 9:48pm

Support, mostly. I consider it my first objective to ensure that our engineers can spam rockets all day. It's an important task - far moreso than in BF3 as rocket ammo is much more restricted. IMO this a good thing - classes should work together after all.

Weapon: LSAT (ergo, flash hider, holo, magnifier) - nice and versatile, it gets the job done
Gadget 1: Ammo Box - never leave home without it
Gadget 2: Mortar on open maps, XM-25 on rooftop-maps, claymores or MP-APS when I feel like it
Grenades: Impact - why use anything else?
Field upgrades: Defensive when playing aggressively (lol), indirect fire when giving ammo and spamming the mortar

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Wednesday, November 13th 2013, 9:59pm

The Bad Company 2 all-kit weapon w/C4 throwback class:


Weapon: DMR/ACE52 CQB
Gadget 1: Ammo Box
Gadget 2: C4

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Wednesday, November 13th 2013, 10:19pm

For the most part I've been finding myself just playing the "rifleman" role either as recon or support.

Grab a DMR, try to stick to the outer ring of a hot spot and try to pick off targets as your teammates move in. If I'm recon I'll either use motion sensor balls if I think I'll be attacking more, or the T-UGS's if I plan to hold points more and sniff out where threats are.

Running support in the other hand gives you a nice DMR + XM25 combo. You peg a target with your DMR but he dives behind cover? Bust out the XM25 and finish him off. Plus being the guy with the ammo is a big plus. Seriously, I virtually NEVER see anyone running support in BF4, it wasn't the most popular kit in BF3, but they're so much better now yet I almost never see one. Go support to become everybody's best friend.

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Wednesday, November 13th 2013, 10:32pm

I like the ACE 52 CQB on non-Assault classes, so I'll often use one with the Compact 45 and (depending on class): T-UGS and Motion Balls/ C4; XM-25/C4 and Ammo Box; or RPG and Torch. Defensive perk is a must have, and I prefer to use Impact Grenades.
BF3 stats

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Wednesday, November 13th 2013, 11:34pm

Since BF4 is more vehicle centered (I like it ^^) I play more as an engi than I did in BF3, and with all the launchers I have some fun ^^
I'll still be a supportive guy, carrying med boxes, ammo boxes, repairing, necroing. I'll use more launchers than before tho ^^
Stats thingy

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As a good guy that don't want to use overly glitched weapons, I'll quit using the MTAR and switch to the ACWR until it's fixed

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+1, I think we're all in agreement that more MrT3as would be an awesome thing :love:
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