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Staying frosty.


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: Jul 19th 2013

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Friday, August 23rd 2013, 11:57am

Problem with wind and general gravity stuff on jets at least is that you can't really feel it as you would IRL

Played Battleground Europe for a while where the aircrafts are extremely realistic, but all of a sudden you just drop out of the sky without really knowing why. Usually it was due to suddenly losing your speed which was just a small meter and it could happen really fast, you couldn't really feel it.. Extremely annoying -.-'

To have wind to randomly push you around and potentially ruin peoples turning radius would never be accepted, especially by the competitive
Who said anything about randomness? On Paracel, it's clear at first and then the storm picks up. Having it blow in a set direction without randomness isn't realistic of course, but definitely more realistic (and tactical) than having no wind effects at all.

Not to mention, there would even be the possibility of making wind strenght and direction different for different altitudes. That would be a whole new layer of depth added to air combat.


Steadiest Stick in the Sky


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: Mar 6th 2013

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Tuesday, August 27th 2013, 12:44am

According to the stream today: "Gyro Stabilizer makes you more maneuverable in the air until you are shot at... At least that's the explanation I received."
What would being shot at have to do with it? Someone else speculated that the gyro stabilizer would help you AFTER you are shot at. Since vehicle disables are separate from health percentage, a well placed wing strafe could disable you and make you fly crookedly while being at 80%. So maybe it would help keep you straight even while "disabled".
Looks like 1ncantation was correct. According to Jack Frags video, it helps when disabled.
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