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jet proximity scan <3


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Monday, August 19th 2013, 2:46am


Two hit kill wouldn't make much difference. A jet is pretty much finished after two heatseeker hits anyway, and a slight increase in damage isn't going to make them anymore effective.

It's not a massive increase by any means but I wouldn't dismiss it outright. It carries with it a few benefits. Namely that I can fire the missiles and if I have a good angle of attack and can be assured that they will hit I can turn immediately around and engage the next target. Perhaps an enemy chopper that is decimating my team or perhaps the "bandit on my six." Point being that yeah taking a jet down another 9% is a rather simple process while the missiles are in transit. However once they hit and the smoke comes out all crazy like, it's considerably more difficult. I've had situations where I just let go after taking a disable to let the enemy kill me (they've earned it and bailing in no mans land will kill me anyway) and even among top tier pilots it can be very difficult to land those final shots. As you've pointed out, this is a game of seconds and even a few can mean the difference between digital life and death.


Heatseekers shouldn't be just an easier to use but weaker alternative to the gun, they need to be good at something the gun is not, they need to actually add some air to air capability you would lack otherwise, or there is no reason to choose them over a weapon like rocket pods that do offer something the gun does not.

That's really the crux of the issue. Elegantly put.

What would you say to removing below radar for jets? (I noticed it's gone from the alpha files except for helos so perhaps this is already the case)

Personally I find it to be a an unnecessary bonus to my tool set as a pilot. If I've failed to watch my back or an enemy has cleverly cloaked themselves with ECM to put themselves into good position I don't think I should be able to negate them by simply flying at low altitude.




Thursday, August 22nd 2013, 10:48pm

Instead of introducing a 2-hit kill, why not just credit the player the kill when someone dies shortly after bailing from a plane? Old UT had a thing similar to this where you got the kill if you damaged an enemy and caused them to fall to their death and such. So if a plane is disabled and the pilot bails, just give the kill to the one who disabled it if they suicide or die from fall damage.