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Tuesday, February 7th 2017, 3:15am

Building a Backfire Trap

While using the LMGs, I equip a bipod and silencer mostly while in a fortified position such as a roof or behind cover on the edge of a map. I felt the need to protect my back and sides so I started using the claymore. People were finding ways to take out my claymore which made me want to increase the blast radius. I then began to place C4 in the blast cone of the claymore. This helped, but people still shot the setup from a distance unharmed.

This led what I call the Backfire Trap. I have a feeling someone has thought of this but I have never seen it. You place a claymore in a confined area such that one has to get close to it in order to set it off. Place a C4 charge ON the claymore with the next in the blast radius of the first, but in an inconspicuous location where no one will notice. Do this for the third charge. The idea is that the enemy will be caught somewhere in the chain of blasts. Also I usually place the claymore facing one way and the charges trailing behind so that if someone shoots the claymore from behind, they will still be caught in a blast, hence the name.

This takes a while to set up and take down, and aslo might be considered too involved to be effective. I justify using it if I have the need to dig in to a spot and hold down an area, such as in a TDM match where I find this to be effective while using LMGs. Also the perimeter defense field upgrade is useful here as you get extra ammo to compensate for no ammo bag, and you get another claymore occasionally.

Has anyone done this or anything similar? Let me know if it works. I am also experimenting with the same idea, but with a decoy on top of a charge as bait and tripping mechanism.


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Tuesday, February 7th 2017, 11:46am

The most effective trap in Battlefield games is: Yourself.. : /

People will always know where you are, especially if you've killed them. So the most effective method is to kill some people and move to a new location, where for example you can flank the people now trying to flank your old position. Digging in is usually suicide. Fool me once etc... Always mix up your strategy as the ghosts come back to haunt you. Traps are usually better to alert you than to protect you, especially considering the time spent setting up elaborate traps.

Other than that, claymores are usually "best" placed just around a corner quite close to you, when the enemy expects that they have an easy kill to collect - where they care more about what you're doing compared to what's happening on the ground. Not fun when it fails though as you'd have little warning. Or just in a random spot far away where no one would ever expect it, but where a long flanker might run carelessly


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