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Tuesday, May 31st 2016, 10:37pm

Framerate or Eye Candy?

This is stemming from my post here in the Computer Thread over in Off-Topic: Computer thread

Although technically it is a general gaming computer question, I'm interested in hearing from our subset of PC BF4 players:

  1. Do you strive for the highest framerate when playing, and thus the input response that entails, or...
  2. you strive for the highest graphical fidelity, and thus the clarity that brings you?

Pro for #1 is the response, having your inputs (most specifically mouse input) matching closely to what you see on screen. With less "hiccups" you will also be able to (mentally) shrug off suppression and close-miss explosions easier.

Pro for #2 is the clarity, for example being able to display a bigger mini-map to give you better situational awareness. Better graphical fidelity also gives you more immersion and you'd probably feel better playing in it.

I'm torn, so I'm interested in hearing where you stand.


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Tuesday, May 31st 2016, 11:04pm

Been always aiming for at least steady 60fps and now even more after upgrade to 144hz monitor. I rather play with more responsive input.
Also in some games, reducing graphics reduces the amount of obstructions and other things-that-could-hinder-your-sight. Eg. in some games reducing shadow quality actually removes bunch of them, and in some drawing distance removes bunch of obstacles at longer range (Like in The Culling where game doesn't render hills :>)

However I must admit I envy people who can play at ultra graphics and whatnot. From what I have seen in youtube videos at times I have amazed that games could actually look that good. Probably going to tune more to higher quality when I upgrade to next GPU.
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Tuesday, May 31st 2016, 11:37pm

I speak with actual experience living with both setups (not trying in a store) on both ends. I have "gone 144hz" (even with g-sync) and gone back.

I'll take graphics and resolution for immersion over speed every time. (since we can't really have both with the selection we have now)

Yes, 144hz 16:9 is super fast and fluid, but I just could NOT get used to plaything through a tiny window again.

For me, the small 2560x1440 resolution balanced out the "fluid" 144hz response time compared to surround, 21:9, or 4K resolutions. I'm constantly twitching my view/mouse this way and that just to get a view of my surroundings with those small resolutions, where as with anything 3440 or more in horizontal resolution I can take in the view naturally. It's not just immersion for immersion sake, it's about how you take in your surroundings. It's like trying to view the area with a regular camera vs one setup in panoramic mode.

also add to the fact that BF4 isn't exactly perfectly built around those last milliseconds of reaction time with 144hz, it is simply far more enjoyable to me to play at a large resolution with graphics details turned up.

*not trying to brag, but providing grounds that I'm still a competent and competitive player that PTFO's
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4K 60hz is more than fluid enough for me to play BF4. Followed by 3440x1440, then 1080p surround. A single screen with 144hz was my LEAST favorite way to play BF4


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Wednesday, June 1st 2016, 12:25am

Shit, what's wrong with you guys? I actually get severe motion sickness when viewing 3D stuff at 50FPS and below. Sure, eye candy is nice, but I'd much rather not be vomiting after fifteen minutes.

Plus, my performance increased significantly when I got a 111Hz monitor, and I hope it will again when I get the FS2735.

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Wednesday, June 1st 2016, 1:17am

Plus, my performance increased significantly when I got a 111Hz monitor

I haven't voted yet, but as I mentioned anecdotally in the Computer Thread, my weapon accuracy jumped up by ~10% if I'm able to play at 90FPS+.

I'm interested in your thoughts with regards to resolution, though. Technically only FoV dictates how much you can see, not resolution. So, my 90FOV setting (Ver according to BF4) should show me the same thing scene whether I'm using 1080p or 1440p or 2160p; there should be no advantage there. This might be more of a reply to Exyia.

I do find that having more pixels on screen mean sharper images obviously, and a side effect to that is that the aiming points (the Dot on the Red Dot Sight for example) is sharper. Another side effect is that you have more screen real estate to use the 2x-sized Mini-Map which you advocate. I find that with the same UI settings, in 1080p things get a bit unwieldy. Not sure what your thoughts on that is.

BTW ran into you on TBG *waves* Battle Report - Battlelog
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Wednesday, June 1st 2016, 2:00am

on a 40" 4K, I max out (yes completely max out, 120? is it? something pretty high) BF4's FOV and for once, it looks 100% natural. It wasn't until I went up to this size that the whole viewing experience felt "natural" (28" 4K still felt like 1440p because of it's physical size)

it's just hard to describe. I guess you could boil it down to "you're just seeing more at once", but it translates in being able to process surroundings better and more naturally.

for instance - 90 horizontal FOV here

This bothers me. It made me sick just taking this screenshot. This just feels so queezy and unnatural.

Compared to this

Yes, my focus point is enlarged at lower FOV, but it doesn't actually help me process my surroundings any better. While things might be smaller with higher FOV's, I actually get a sense of awareness in my space. I'm not walking through a doorway, I'm walking where the two walls to my side end in an opening.

If there's audio to my left or right, it synchronizes with what I'm processing visually around me. There is no "oh god footsteps what's that?....oh it's a teammate" as you twitch your mouse bits of direction left and right. It's just really jarring for me to have a soundstage that envelopes me, but a visual "window" that I'm peeping through.

again, hard to explain really. A lot of people will probably just see this as "you see more on your screen, I could do that too"

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Wednesday, June 1st 2016, 2:32am

For me, graphics are king. I just like the feeling of maxing out all of the graphical settings; there something satisfying about pushing every slider or menu option to the max. Also, to me, good graphics are synonymous with PC gaming; if I couldn't get good graphics, I might as well just use a console and get a XIM. I was quite disappointed when my GTX 980 couldn't max out texture quality in Rise of the Tomb Raider due to only having 4 GB of VRAM.

At the same time, I have a 144 Hz 1080p gaming monitor, so I also appreciate high framerates. My approach depends on the type of game; for a multiplayer shooter, I want 100+ FPS, so I will set all settings to the maximum, then cut down until I find that performance level. The first thing to go is anti-aliasing: in BF4, I use no MSAA, low FXAA, and 120% resolution scale to offset the lack of AA. Then, I go after settings that cause dips in performance. In BF4, that means I put Effects Quality at High instead of Ultra because Ultra incurs a massive performance cost on effects-heavy scenes (especially when using APS). Everything else I can run at Ultra and I'm fine with that. FPS almost never goes below 100.

For single-player games or games where I prioritize graphics, then I max out the graphics (except for AA on occasion) and take whatever performance level I get so long as it's above 30 fps. I played Assassin's Creed Unity at max graphics at between 28 and 40 fps, and I made it out fine. The game looked great!

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Wednesday, June 1st 2016, 4:24am

I chose eye candy. I'm just a scrub with a 60 hz monitor, so I aim for 55+ fps at all times, settings the graphics as high as possible.

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Wednesday, June 1st 2016, 7:56am

too few answers, i generally use a middle of the road choice, as in, medium settings for effects and lighting, minimal antialiasing setting(not 0, usually a level of FXAA) , maxed out(or close to) textures and everything else on minimum, this usually gives me 55-80 fps on games like bf4 or rainbow 6.
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Wednesday, June 1st 2016, 8:13am

+100 fps or bust.

My settings are actualy on high with my 980 ti, because that gives ( somehow ) better FPS than medium which i used when i had my 980. Mesh quality is still ultra tho, since i rember hearing somewhere that it was a good idea.