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Sunday, January 31st 2016, 7:06pm


Stubby is for stationary accuracy. So, it'll always be the more accurate option. Functionally, I prefer ergo, because side strafing is really powerful in this game. I find it worthwhile to use Ergo on everything, including weapons that force the Compensator like the F2000 or Famas. On consoles, it may be more difficult to strafe+shoot accurately. I've never used a controller, so I don't know.


In most RoF steps, there's a weapon with less FSM or Vrec than the others. Usually, this means increased horizontal recoil or other stats which make it less usable. What comes in mind in particular is the ACE 23 & M416 vs. the L85A2. The ACE has .81 degrees of first shot vertical recoil, whereas the L85 only has .56. In an environment where FSM is extremely hard to control (console), I'd almost always opt for the L85. It's still not worth using the angled grip, though—it's small enough that it's quite controllable even with thumbsticks. While the L85 is the best ~750RPM user of the Heavy Barrel, I'd probably stick with comp+ergo on it if I played on console. The differences in accuracy are borderline negligible, and comp is much easier to use than hear.

You should also use the AR160 over the CZ805—while the CZ805 is more accurate than the AR160 in the hands of a skilled (PC) player, the lower vrec is really going to help you out on console, and you'll not miss the slightly less hrec of the CZ. Hb+Ergo for this one.

The M16A4 with comp+stubby is also going to be really good since it fires even faster than the ACE, and has less vertical recoil. Also, a fast reload so you don't have to worry about shooting 25%+ accuracy.

Oh, the SCAR is probably the only really good user of the Muzzle Brake. The M416 does almost as well, and can be very easy with Angled+Muzzle.

Platoon Marble Duck

Hate Mail

"you obviously don't know what an argument is as there is only one person battling. Do you really fucking think I want subs? You think you can act all big and powerful just because you sit on a computer at least 6 hours a day like the probably nerdy unwanted retard you are with 4.3k subs? You think 4.3k subs is a lot? LOL you need medicine man. I don't want any subs as i just have a google account for other media and writing comments. Think twice before you act. You even said in your video you aren't that great of a player, and the comments agree you aren't. Maybe you should once again think twice before you act, stop being such an annoying, ignorant bastard that everyone wants to shut up, and god, literally, just shut up. Your voice gave me a headache :s"

"As a youtuber shouldn't be trying to be reeling in your viewers with exciting stuff being said not your boring ass commentary for your video"

"The more you watch his vid the dumber he gets I swear he's borderline autistic look I got shot behind cover beacuase thin sheets metal are unpenetrable. Bf4 is just as quiet and tactical as bf3 random explosion in the background . Player has dissconected from chat
You started playing bf3 and never touched bfc1/2. Please do yourself a favor and shutdown your generic cod channel down"

"Nice clickb8 Faggot w8ting for your shit tier video to disable comments . Fucking newfag cancer go play some cod you activisiom cock faggot"

"I don't see why he [MarbleDuck] always tries to shit on levelcap he is better and has a million more subs...and also "there isnt a best gun in she game there are guns that are better that others at different engagement distances" yes thats true and whichever is the best/most average at all of them is the "best gun""

"Marbleduck you don't know shit lol levelcap knows more than you do you cant talk about how someone puts up garbage when you do yourself your a newcomer to YouTube acting like you know shit step up in the food chain first then you have the right to talk otherwise your just a fish trying to compete with sharks"

"Why don't we just witness "LevelCap vs MarbleDuck" One on One both on Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 seen as there is so much Controversy about the Two Youtubers"

"stfu cunt, BF3 was way better end of discussion"

"Stfu man, you're be littleing the most looked upon Battlefield Youtuber. No one cares about you, how much of an ego you have, or quite frankly your opinion. It's a fucking game.... Does it really fucking matter? Pathetic man."

"fuck you asshole, dont talk shit about total"

"Wtf is your problem? You have no subs and he has millions, yet you pick on him like some kind of stubborn, ignorant, rude child born with a silver spoon is his mouth. It's easy to do that, for example... You said there was no background noise yet there is. You say you're a fairly good player, you're not."

"please talk like a normal person and not like a professional"

This post by "RagingFruitfly" (Sunday, January 31st 2016, 7:22pm) has been deleted by the author himself (Monday, February 1st 2016, 7:30am)


Cannot into Rankine


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Monday, February 1st 2016, 12:22am


Converted to DawnBreaker but left dawnbreaker for personal reasons... so not anymore
Apparently we do have a facebook... You should go ahead and like it

Oh look and a twitter... Yeah follow us there too pls

If only people would talk back it wouldn't be so lonely.[In B4 I get overwhelmed]

"Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish." - Euripides, Bacchae

"You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant."- Harlan Ellison

Things that I support

Hardline is a fun and sometimes silly Cops and Robbers sorta thing and I think that's great. Or it would be if it didn't suck.

intel best ethernet controllers

ammo regen pls

TL;DR: all vehicles in BF4 are screwed up in some way or another.

I know I shouldn't be surprised that something like that even exists but.... 8|

You're just a spreadsheet baddie.