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Tuesday, October 2nd 2012, 2:43am

Type 88 Review (The "wut" Gun)

Hey guys, first time reviewer here, and I just finished my first service star with the T88 LMG. I wanted to say a few things about the gun before I go into it. The Type 88, or QJY-88 is a light machine gun originating from the People's Rupublic of China. It was made in 1988 in order to replace the Type 67, which was becoming obsolete. It is gas operated and uses a 5.8mm ammunition of Chinese origin. The weapon is not so popular among users in the PLA, and the same can also be said for players of Battlefield 3.

In the game, the gun can only be acquired by downloading the Physical Warfare pack. Damage is 25 @ 8 meters or less, and drops down to 18.4 damage @ 50 meters or beyond. It has a fire rate of 650 rpm, a reload time of 7.4 seconds with a magazine size of 100 rounds, and has recoil values of .3 left and right, and .5 vertical with a 1.5 FSM. Now onto my thoughts on the weapon.

The weapon, I found, is not as bad as most people made it out to be, but don't get me wrong, it's still pretty bad. It's outclassed in every way by any other LMG out there. The gun most similar is the LSAT, which has a better reload at 5.6 seconds, a better vertical recoil having .4, better muzzle velocity by 20m/s, and a better hip spread. The only way the Type 88 has an advantage is with moving ads spread, FSM and horizontal recoil. The last two advantages are kind of pointless, though, because the LSAT has lower vert. recoil in the first place, and the horizontal values are equal, meaning the recoil is vertical only, so it's pointless. The first thing you'll notice when you finally get finished staring at the stats and wondering "wut", is the iron sights. They're not good, to be blunt. They're too small to really have any idea what's happening, and this is coming from a guy who uses a projector to play. Even when I play up on the wall I found it very difficult to be accurate with the iron sights (yes, I took into account the spread), so I can only imagine what the people on smaller t.v. screens had to think. The first ten kills are a grind, and they won't be over quickly. But soon (10 kills, I'm pretty sure) you unlock the 3.4x scope, and this helps a lot. Now on to my preferred loadout.

Sight- PK-A 3.4x
Primary- Bipod
Secondary- Flash Suppressor
This is my best way to get kills with the gun. You use the bipod and set that up at any chokepoint or high traffic area, and the kills will flow in. The bipod benefits it much much more than the foregrip does. If you lay back, and take it kind of slow then you'll find yourself being able to perform rather well, and this is coming from an aggressive player. The flash suppressor is actually very good on the gun as well, the reason being that the downside of using the FS is eliminated. The hipfire is the same as if you had the vanilla Type 88. So, in other words, a gun that has it's recoil reduced with no downsides, with a bipod that can reduce that even further along with spread. The 3.4x is attached because since I found myself playing more cautiously than ever, I noticed my targets being pretty far away, so I need a better view of the battlefield. I figure that this is the best setup for overall success. Note that this is just my opinion, and other players could have a better setup, but this one suits me best and got me the most kills.

Furthermore, thank you for reading, and I hope this doesn't go unnoticed. The Type 88 can be effective if used properly. Just take things slow, use your minimap, be aware of your surroundings, and be sure to use your bipod as much as you can. Also, be sure to take advantage of the flash suppressor when caught off guard. For a final thought, if you have to use the gun, or want to challenge yourself with it, then make sure you know the gun's limitations. I hope this helps you, thanks! :)
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Tuesday, October 2nd 2012, 5:08pm

Yeah, the Bipod is definitely the way to go with the Type 88. I usually run the Laser Sight though. If I'm running PK-A and Bipod, I need something to defend myself in emergencies. The Laser does that just fine.
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Tuesday, October 2nd 2012, 7:31pm

You know what you're doing but I believe you should lengthen your review with a little bit more detail and comparisons. See, you've simply listed the statistics at the start (and missed out some) but you've barely referred to them apart from your mini LSAT comparison.

What I think you should do;
- Put more emphasis on the statistics
- Do this by mentioning them in a more relevant context, e.g you could say the gun is bad, then say it's similar to the LSAT, and mention stats while comparing. With detail.

Nothing else. Even though your review is short, it works.