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  • "Fulkan" started this thread

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Saturday, September 8th 2012, 12:05am

Carbine dilemma after 1.06

Recently, I've been playing the Engineer a lot more, and I'm just wondering how the M4A1 stacks up against other carbines, post 1.06. As far as the recoil increase goes - does it actually make sense to look at the M4A1 as the, "go to", weapon for the Engineer?

I've used the G36C for some times now, as the Kobra, Foregrip, Heavy Barrel combo seem to wreck people's faces off. However, I tend not to like the random nature of the recoil of the weapon.

So what do you guys think?

I've been messing around with the ACW-R, SCAR-H, and the SG553, and while they all seem to perform quiet diligently, I'm still kinda undecided on which to actually play with most of the time. Of course, the MTAR-21 is another option, especially with the ridiculous close quarter potential it seems to possess.

Apologies if this is posted under the wrong section - this would be my first post on this forum.

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Saturday, September 8th 2012, 12:19am

QBZ-95B w/ hbar is my favorite right now. It's a gun that can go toe-to-toe w/ any assault class weapon at long range.

The SG553 w/ flash suppressor is very efficient as well - especially w/ the recent buff to horizontal recoil.

I prefer the A-91 over the M-TAR and M4 at closer range - I find the A-91 w/ flash suppressor to be strong at close range and yet competent ant longer ranges as well. The Mtar might be better up close but doesn't have the versatility of the a-91. That said - if you are absolutely, positively sure you will not be engaged at longer ranges go with the MTAR and think about putting a flash light on it.

ACW-R is the best engineer gun to suppress due to the high min damage.

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Saturday, September 8th 2012, 12:25am

First off, welcome to the forum!

The M4A1 is still a top notch carbine post-patch, it's recoil really isn't that horrendous compared to other carbines and it's horizontal is very predicatable because it is so strong to the right. Of course 800 RPM helps out too. You can still use it as you're 'go-to' weapon, but it just isn't as good as it used to be making the other choices more attractive.
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Saturday, September 8th 2012, 12:58am

All you have to do with the M4A1 is tug on the stick a little to the side

Love the gun still ^-^

And for some reason I find the gun to be the most accurate carbine

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Saturday, September 8th 2012, 1:01am

I've used the G36C for some times now, as the Kobra, Foregrip, Heavy Barrel combo seem to wreck people's faces off. However, I tend not to like the random nature of the recoil of the weapon.

I had the same impression. I use the MTAR with suppressor in conquest for taking flags, and the ACWR when I spawn and there is no vehicle, therefore I know I'll be running in the open.

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Saturday, September 8th 2012, 1:07am

Welcome to the forum!

The M4A1 wasn't nerfed nearly hard enough for it to be anything but the best carbine. The M4A1 imbalances carbines more than the M16 ever imbalanced ARs.

The QBZ is pretty good, you may want to give that a test run.
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Saturday, September 8th 2012, 2:24am

The M16 didn't actually get nerfed (recoil works in mysterious ways), same probably goes for the M4A1
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Saturday, September 8th 2012, 9:34am

I tried SG553 today. I feel it much easier to stay on target than before, and it's not hard to get some long range kills(easier than with SCAR-H for me). I think there's no need to attach a foregrip to SG553 anymore because the horizontal drift is smaller now. My recommended combination is heavy barrel + kobra + bipod.

Still, though M4A1 got nerfed, I would say it's still the best (or most versatile) carbine. But it's more interesting to try weapons other than AR-15. :D
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Saturday, September 8th 2012, 10:22am

I'm debating a carbine myself. The M4 is my go to with a suppressor and RDS simply because of the ROF/Reload being quick/fast so it is a monster up close when recoil characteristics don't really matter so much. I usually use a G36 for unsuppressed close quarters situations and the SCAR-H for longer ranges because of the damage increase, but I am very on the fence for a sort of "do-it-all" mid-long range carbine.

Am going to look hard at the QBZ as it seems a very good balance of ROF and reload with moderate recoil. I wish it was a little faster but the other carbines that have higher ROFs have too many negatives for me. Either they reload way too slow (I tend to dislike anything that reloads longer than 3 seconds if it can be avoided), have poor recoil characteristics, or in practice just don't work for me.

If I don't like the QBZ I'm just sticking with the AK...
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Saturday, September 8th 2012, 10:32am

I think the idea of a "go-to" weapon can be dangerous. I'm a firm believer that you should choose
weapons based on the situation.

-AKs-74u for long range
-A-91 close range

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