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Saturday, March 10th 2012, 2:37pm

IRL Army Gear

Well... Thought I'd make a list of in-game gear that can be used for more like roleplaying real life armies. I guess the US army could just fill the list with everything since they don't really have a fixed loadout.. Anyways..

Swedish Army:


Ak 4: G3A3 (primarily single shot) (Worst worst case: SCAR-H)

Sights: iron sights (rare), Reflex, M145, IRNV (rare)
Attachments: Underslung M320 / M320 smoke, bipod (only with M145/ACOG), Flash suppressor

Ak 5: None (Worst case: SG553 (primarily single shot, no burst) Worst worst case: AK-47M/AKS-74u)

Sights: iron sights (rare), Reflex, PK-A, IRNV (rare)
Attachments: Underslung M320 / M320 smoke, foregrip, Flash suppressor, Flashlight, Laser

Support weapons:

Ksp 58: M240B

Sights: Iron sights, Reflex, IRNV (rare)
Attachments: Bipod, Extended magazine, Flash suppressor

Ksp 90: M249

Sights: Iron sights, Reflex, IRNV (rare)
Attachments: Bipod, Extended magazine, Flash suppressor


Psg 90: L96

Sights: 8x/12x
Attachments: Bipod, Flash suppressor

AG 90: M82A1 (worst case: M98B)

Sights: 8x/12x
Attachments: Bipod


Pistol 88: G17c


Rpg: Yup, sort of similar to the SMAW... Plus AT4
Grenade: Yup.
Claymore: Yup. Though not automatic
Tank mine: Yup.
C4: Yup.
Mortar: 81,4mm IRL, but sure.

Defib/Repair/Ammo/First aid - meh, screw it, sort of got those

Stinger/IGLA - Well... We've got plenty of guided missiles, though who uses these anyways.. Nope!

Think that's about right... ish... you know...


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Saturday, March 10th 2012, 6:15pm

Re: IRL Army Gear

Don't know enough about the Swiss to venture a guess as to what available weapons they'd use that are IG besides the G3A3(?)

So.. Swiss Army | Assault: TAZ 90 camo pattern, SIG-SG 552, SIG-SG Pro sidearm.

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