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Wednesday, March 7th 2012, 4:34am

Re: Cursing in BF3

I have to say I'm not happy about the cursing in the game. And it's not that I'm shy about fould language, either in games or the real world. I can let them fly with the best of them, when I'm among a mature audience (which we'll "assume" the BF3 gamers are), and I have to say, even I find the extent of swearing in the game excessive. Yes swearing is appropriate in these high-pressure situations we're simulating, but it's to the point of blurring the message for the words used to express it, like those times when the majority of a sentece is comprised in swear words. It's just more than is necessary, and more importantly, it just sounds unnatural.

Or when someone comes on and, in an otherwise perfectly calm voice, tells me (for example) that the enemy has taken all the fucking objectives. It just feels too forced to me. Although I will say, that bothers me less than when the Russian CO gets on and and tells me the same thing, then asks, "What the fuck are we gonna do about it guys?" Although that's not an issue with the swearing, it just sounds like he's talking shit. I'm doing my best, dammit!

It the single player, however, it's much better. The language flows much more fluidly and realistically. But in multiplayer? I dunno, I just have a tendency to start tuning out ALL the language, foul or otherwise, because it contributes little to my performance, and becomes just a waste of concentration that might otherwise hear footsteps sneaking up behind me...