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Monday, March 5th 2012, 1:24am

Re: Suppressor/Silencer Addicted?

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When firering a FMJ from a rifle with a silencer you will annihilate said suppressor within a mag or so. And it would be pretty shit as your firering a supersonic round through an item which isnt designed for it.

I'm confused to what FMJ has to do with a suppressor's effective life span. Many silencers are also designed to be used with supersonic rounds.
I maybe wrong but I'm relatively confident I'm not.

Most likely just a brain glitch typo instead of supersonic rounds. Almost all military rounds are FMJ's or at least some form of jacket, so that wouldn't matter for a suppressor. Lead bullets don't do that well at supersonic speeds ;> Melting inside the barrel from friction would be kinda bad in a firefight...

Yea unjacketed rounds tend to leave a residue after a certain velocity. They're great at and below those velocities but above and you'll be doing A LOT of cleaning.

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Wednesday, March 7th 2012, 4:04am

Re: Suppressor/Silencer Addicted?

I am definitely addicted to the suppressor. I do switch it out sometimes, but only rarely. Unless I'm playing a pure frontal role (medic for my team, gunner laying down fire on a choke point, etc), my main goal is almost always probing the enemy's flanks for weaknesses, or breaching their lines to a deep-rear (and likely unguarded) objective. But of course that is just me, and stealth is always high priority in my playstyle.

Although I am thinking of switching it out on my sniper rifles when at long ranges for the extra muzzle velocity and reduced bullet drop. Does anyone know, is there a maximum range you'll ping the minimap out to? Or do enemies on the opposite side of the map still know exactly where you are the moment you fire unsuppressed?

If so, this could be the "reduced penalty for not using the suppressor" you're looking for. Have the marks only appear to enemies within a certain range, or perhaps to all enemies so long as one is within range "auditorily spotting". Past that range, you may still hear the shot, but not clearly enough to discern it's precise origin. A suppressed weapon could simply have a (greatly) reduced range to localize the source, slightly reducing it's uber-ness without outright nerfing it.

Also, the conversation about irl suppressors I think never answered the original question. The correct term is always supporessor, and silencer is a slang term that has become increasingly prevalent. The weapon isn't completely silenced. Even if the report is reduced to a whisper, at the very least the action cycling still makes noise. Silencer implies a completly inaudible firing. But then again, it's been a while since I studied up on it, and after reading these posts I'd have to say I'm not nearly as knowledgable on the subject as I thought I was. Feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken.