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Monday, January 21st 2013, 4:24pm

Also, I think mousepads are not to be underestimated, there is a lot of (performance) difference between a plain desk and my Razer Goliathus.
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like some kind of all kit terribad M16 clone.

Oh, an all kit m416?

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Monday, January 21st 2013, 4:38pm

Steelseries QcK master race.

I have yet to encounter a mousepad that offers the same quality : price ratio.

Then again, there's a Goliathus speed around, but being Razer, no.
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Monday, January 21st 2013, 4:57pm

I'm using Razer Goliathus Control edition, Standart size

I'm making 2x360° rotations from one border to the other ^^ or from center, one 360 to the left and one 360 to the right. Works quite well like that ^^
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Monday, January 21st 2013, 5:09pm

azza 5$ multimedia gaming mouse.




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Monday, January 21st 2013, 6:08pm

Logitech G400, 1600DPI, 0.50 in game sensitivity for infantry. My 'mousepad' is the flat piece of cardboard on the back of a notepad.


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Monday, January 21st 2013, 6:24pm

razer deathadder
1000pulling rate
3600dpi, with windows mouse stuff on medium (aka, 1:1 ratio) and ultra-low ingame sensitivity

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Monday, January 21st 2013, 10:33pm

So far i have seen a few high mouse DPI low game setting users, any of you noticed or did not notice a smoother aiming and in all most every way of game play? Before I had some skipping on the super long range sniper shots and at times with the slug shotguns.

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Monday, January 21st 2013, 10:41pm

Bf3's sensitivity is not resolution dependent. Therefore, it won't go through pixels and will, instead, go through degrees. So, the best possible configuration is highest dpi and lowest in-game sensitivity you can use.

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Saturday, January 26th 2013, 10:07am

Bf3's sensitivity is not resolution dependent. Therefore, it won't go through pixels and will, instead, go through degrees. So, the best possible configuration is highest dpi and lowest in-game sensitivity you can use.

Your best off running the native resolution of your mouse. I use 1800 dpi, 6/10 sensitivity in the razer drivers and 0.218023 ingame setting. Roughly 6cm/360. It's too sensitive but I need it a bit higher then I'd like for the tv missile.




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Saturday, January 26th 2013, 10:47am

I use a coolermaster sentinel pro. I usually runit on 3200 dpi.