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: Aug 28th 2013

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Wednesday, August 28th 2013, 9:39pm

The forgotten heli hints - advanced stuff for the attack heli from competetive players

This video provides some of the more advanced techniques and strategies for the BF3 attack heli.
Our compilation comes late - but you might still learn something :-)

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: Sep 19th 2012

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Friday, August 30th 2013, 8:00pm

Thanks...Never too late for me to learn something...

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: May 30th 2012

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Friday, August 30th 2013, 11:22pm

I said it already in the german version of the video: Great tips in general, a lot of new stuff to me as I rarely fly choppes, very good presented.
My only critique: the mouse setting tips are actually wrong. There is no reason to not use Raw Input other than you wanting to have the OS pointer speed in the game. But windows pointer speed should be 6/11 anyway as anything above causes at least unit skipping or at worst even inconsistent mouse movement. The pattern is like this:

1/11 = 0.03125 (ok)
2/11 = 0.0625 (ok)
3/11 = 0.25 (ok)
4/11 = 0.5 (ok)
5/11 = 0.75 (every 4th count is ignored = inconsistent)
6/11 = 1.0 (optimal setting)
7/11 = 1.5 (every 2nd count registers as 2 counts of movement = inconsistent + unit skipping)
8/11 = 2.0 (unit skipping)
9/11 = 2.5 (inconsistent + unit skipping)
10/11 = 3.0 (unit skipping)
11/11 = 3.5 (inconsistent + unit skipping)

So I'd rather stay away from anything above 6/11. There's no need to do that anyway as you can just set your mouse sensitivity a bit higher in-game instead of making it inconsistent in Windows.

Raw Input is generally better because you only have to worry about 2 factors for your actual sensitivity, the in-game sensitivity and the mouse dpi setting. If you don't use Raw Input it brings in the Windows Pointer speed as a third factor (unneccesary). Using Raw Input simply allows you to use whatever you want as your windows settings for mice (some people actually like acceleration in 2D) while you get 1:1 mouse ration in games.

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